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Saturday 11 May 2019

Tommy Robinson INTIMIDATES Uni Lecturer

In a sign that his campaign to become an independent MEP for North West England has developed not necessarily to his advantage, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has lost his cool in no style at all with a University lecturer who had the audacity to take the mickey out of him. What is worse for The Great Man is that she works at a University in the City of Liverpool, where Lennon is already less than popular.
And he’s lost his rag just before he is scheduled to visit Birkenhead, which may be across the river, but that isn’t stopping local anti-fascists, and others who take a dim view of Lennon’s brand of thuggery, from organising against him.

The rant resulting from Lennon’s loss of composure has appeared as an item on his alleged “news” site TR News, under the headingACADEMIC AGRESSION [sic] AND HATE-SPEECH”. Whether he wrote it is immaterial. The opinions are his, and his alone.

Has anyone noticed when people on the right side of politics have an opinion, a stinking, unwashed, pile of verminous vagrants ‘suddenly’ appear, smoking weed, blowing whistles, dancing like chimpanzees on acid all while showing off their multi-coloured hair and piercings? Just say hello to them, and they will shout ‘Nazi’ at the top of their voices” it begins. This is held to be the result of “the programming of the regressive left”.

There is more. “Indoctrination starts in schools and then escalates when pupils move into further education, specifically colleges and universities. They are a melting pot of left-wing retardation; kids come out of further education more stupid than when they went in”. So says the thug who had difficulty with the word “indemnify” live on video recently.

But do go on: “the ‘educators’ in our universities have a far more nefarious agenda, they want to assimilate youth into their socialist borg. Kids are now learning essential stuff like lesbian dance, whale music, gender studies, 3rd wave feminism and probably the best one of all, social justice!” Someone’s been watching too many Glenn Beck videos.

Then, after whining about Cambridge University, where Lennon wouldn’t get in even if he only wanted to clean the toilets, comes the hit. “Here we have a University Lecturer whos [sic] name is Saira Weiner, she ‘teaches’ (and we are using the terms [sic] ‘teaches’ in the broadest possible sense here) at Liverpool John Moores University. Her speciality is Education Early Childhood Studies, and she is currently writing about ‘Neo-Liberalism’ she also has a particular interest in ‘social justice’ and focuses on political activism”.
So what has Ms Weiner done to displease The Great Man? “Saira just so happens to be on Twitter, and she couldn’t help herself, news that Tommy had a milkshake thrown at him spread far and wide, it went viral. So as a real soldier of the UAF, she eloquently posted joy at the assault on Tommy, hoping that perhaps a brick should be used instead?

And guess what? He wants to orchestrate a pile-on. “If anyone feels as though this type of public posting from a faculty member at Liverpool John Moores University is inappropriate and beneath the role of a University lecturer then feel free to call them and complain. Saira is just another example of the extreme far-left who are charged and trusted to ‘educate’ our children. Our children deserve better than Saira, that is the responsibility of Maria Burquest and the Univerity [sic] itself”. A pile-on against two women.

To no surprise, the comments include “Tommy should give us all there [sic] address” and “Come on people everybody ring LJMU and make formal complaints about the fucked up little bitch”. Lennon’s post includes a screen shot with Ms Burquest’s photo on it. Ms Weiner’s Twitter feed has been taken down, most likely as a result of online pile-ons.

Stephen Lennon has gone from barging into newspaper offices to barging into solicitor’s offices (and getting an employee sacked), to doorstepping those who say things he doesn’t like, to intimidating an MP, to intimidating voters, and now to intimidating two women - because one of them took the piss. What a complete louse.

Will he have the bottle to turn up in Birkenhead tomorrow? If he does, the old Count Basie standard might just be dug out for the occasion.

That’s as in Jumping At The Woodside. Except it’ll be Stephen Lennon who does the jumping - straight back on to the next ferry.
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Concerned of Weybridge said...

I recognise the style of 'Tommy's' emission but can't quite put my finger on it. The spelling mistakes and syntactical infelicities have obviously been inserted to give it the authentic bonehead ring and to throw us off the scent, but could it be:
Kelvin McKenzie circa 1993?
Peter Hitchens?
Rod Liddle?
Little Richardjohn?
Gary Bushell?
That Hip-replacement Young Gunslinger bloke?
Katie Hopkins?
Katie Price?
Julius Streicher?
All of the above?

Tell us, Stevie,you owe it to your public.........

Anonymous said...

Concerned of Weybridge is TOO funny. Huilarious stuff. Trears ar roling down my cheeks!!!!

Big Rig said...

Glad you have a sense of humour Tommy

Jonathan said...

There are 3 McDonald's in Wirral, they will be doing a brisk trade in milkshakes..