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Saturday 25 May 2019

Tommy Robinson Election Leaflet Complaint SINISTER

Because not every EU member state holds elections to the European Parliament on the same day - here in the UK, it’s sort-of-tradition that we go to the polls on Thursday - there are as yet no results declared, and no exit polls either. That is partly because some countries do not hold their own elections until tomorrow.
But we can get an idea of how things might have gone for the independent campaign of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, in North West England. His alleged “news” site TR News has gone on the attack after it was discovered that some areas did not have his election leaflets delivered to households.

Lennon’s site allegesDuring Tommy’s campaign, running as an MEP for the North West, we had information passed over to us that required further investigation … We were told on one occasion the leaflets that Tommy’s campaign had paid for, ones that were to be distributed by post in Irthington, just outside Carlisle, had not been delivered as they should have been, in fact, the leaflets were delivered at one address with no occupants and still in the box”. So they complained to Royal Mail.

They didn’t like the response, so carried on whinging. “We were not happy with that ‘fob-off’ … So we escalated the complaint, which is now in the hands of the ‘Election Support Team’ at Royal Mail, they have the original complaint reference, they also know they have a legal obligation under the ‘Representation of the People Act 1983’, to distribute electioneering campaign material”. And they weren’t finished.

Now for a far more clear-cut case of pretty much the same issue, our friends on the far-left and their union paymasters are at it again, election interference. The left does love to play dirty, its easy for them to do that when massive unions back them up”. Stephen Lennon, whose campaign of intimidation against those who oppose him and otherwise call him out is the stuff of legend, is accusing others of playing dirty. Yeah, right.
That last complaint is against Wirral Trades Union Council, who have revealed that some postal workers in that area did not deliver Lennon’s leaflets. As they pointed out, “Posties decide if they want to deliver and get paid extra if they do. They aren't refusing to deliver normal post, it is not a sackable offence, there is no legal obligation for them to deliver these leaflets”. So some houses on the Wirral didn’t get his leaflets, either.

They added “Some areas of the Wirral have had them but feedback suggests that is the exception rather than the norm”, and for those who wondered why Lennon’s online army wasn’t all over their Facebook page, confirmed “Just to let you know we've better things to do with our time than debate with fash, so they are just getting removed from the comments”. Quite so. But Lennon’s dirty tricks department isn’t finished yet.

There is now talk of litigation. Mind you, there is so often talk of litigation from Stephen Lennon’s side, although little of it ever goes further than a threat of action. What is rather more disturbing is the wheeling out once more of the “holding to account” mantra, which suggests the Lennon campaign is trying to identify individual posties for targeting.

And his team tries to call dirty tricks on others. No change there, then.
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Mark said...

I received my leaflet and, along with those from UKIP, The Brexit Party and the Lib Dems, I promptly sent it back as unsolicited, return to sender. I'd have done the same with a Tory leaflet too...if they sent one, but they didn't.

Anonymous said...

I sent all my leaflets back, made sure they were well padded with old newspaper, forgot the stamp or a return address... You got to wonder who finances "the accused" as the leaflets were delivered by the RM, I think is around 80P per delivery, not counting printing costs, not bad for a guy convicted for mortgage fraud...

Senna2069 said...

Never got mine in Wn3 wigan / on a moral obligation level 'this is so wrong / Mail fraud at least. As a business owner deeply concerning that this is dered to happen.

Senna2069 said...

Well ❄️ You must be so happy

Unknown said...

They admitted to not posted most on Twitter you tool LOL

Anonymous said...

Blimey a Wiganer has put down their pie long enough to learn how to post a snowflake emoji....but not long enough to learn the basics of grammar, punctuation or indeed how to spell.

Anonymous said...

Why do you judge thus man,,and just believe what the media say about hum, he stands for what's right, ie the main one against Pakistan grooming gangs please u encourage you to do your "own" research on Tommy Robinson and not just what the media say about him. For example his youtube video when he spoke at the Oxford university, like many you probably won't and carry on like a sheep and believe the lies your told, I used to believe the lies until I bow do my own research, please don't be like the others and a lazy bum. And you will change your mind over a time