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Wednesday 8 May 2019

Farage-Hosting Venue IN DEEP TROUBLE

After Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his pals rocked up in the City of Chester earlier this week for one of their Nuremberg-style rallies, the folks who run the Old Hall Country Club and Spa just outside the city must have thought they were on to a winner hosting the Brexit Party and its supporters. Now it is clear that the Farage fringe’s security goons were somewhat over-zealous, and it is the venue that is getting it in the neck.
Squeaky doesn't care as it's not his problem finger up the bum time
I taught Nige everything he knows

We can deduce this after local blogger Shit Chester was forcibly ejected from the venue for doing no more than live-Tweeting. He voiced his objection to the behaviour of Nige’s heavies - it seems my likening the encounter to the scene in the Odessa File where Jon Voight is thrown out of a reunion of old Nazis in Hamburg was more apposite than I first thought - and then things began to kick off.
City of Chester MP Chris Matheson voiced his concern at the level of force used. Then the Old Hall’s management decided to fight back, via director Jade Bramall. If only she had left the Tweeting to someone else. “Without expressing my ‘personal opinion’ because of course that isn’t aloud [sic] in this day and age - Nigel Farage’s event and security team where [sic] nothing but professional with video evidence to back!” she proffered.
That would be news to one of this blog’s commenters, who has also told of violent and uncalled-for behaviour, as well as giving disturbing insights into the over-zealous screening of guests. Then Ms Bramall made her first defamatory claim. “He wasn’t ‘violenently [sic] ejected’ ... he was escorted off site along with the disgraced Labour Councillor of Upton Matt Bryan for trying to enter the rally DRUNK beyond comprehension with a bag of eggs!
Prejudicial stance towards Labour Party noted. There was more: “so I suggest the next time you decide to jump on the band wagon of an embarrassment DRUNK that is representing the LABOUR supporters and people of Upton, I suggest you get the FACTS! ... A word I know isn’t familiar with most in politics!!”. Who’d want to be an MP?
Shit Chester had this on the Matt Bryan claim: “That's not my issue … Not defending him or commenting, I wasn't with him and I'm not him. This is my reputation”. Meanwhile, Ms Bramall continued to dig her hole. “He wasn’t thrown out for tweeting... he was thrown out for hiding in a bush with Mat Bryan (who was drunk beyond words) with the intention causing harm to the people of Chester and The Brexit Party with a bag full of eggs”.
Do go on. “Just to Right your uneducated wrong ... he was taken off site prior to the the rally started because he was BLIND DRUNK in a bush with a bag of eggs? (mature) We openly invited him down personally the day before to have his say... he chose not to and to act like a prick … and fyi he isn’t a ‘journalist’ - he’s a jumped up tweeter that the people of Chester have bought into! ... like we do with most politicians and the reason we’re in this Shit state because the majority have lost their voice and would before [sic] to speak via a keyboard”. Anyone smell the rank odour of political partiality?
She wasn’t finished. “And I will not sit back and have lies told and inaccurate information spread, AT ALL! When the word Old Hall is mentioned, which let’s not forgot is how this all started!” That’s two words. Shit Chester was in a rather calmer state, despite the clear provocation. “Reaching out to @JadeBramall25 for a retraction of tweets claiming I attended Mondays event with the intention of causing trouble and that I was in a bush waiting to throw eggs. Please end this madness”. But to show he was serious, he added “Any  Chester solicitors on here please get in touch need some urgent advice”. Zelo Street will tag some legal people when the post is Tweeted out.
Just to show the challenge Ms Bramall may face, should she not apologise and delete the offending claims, this is what a commenter has left on yesterday’s post. I urge her to read this and then tell me Farage’s goons were being “nothing but professional”.

I was there and got assaulted by that security team. I was charged at from behind without warning and knocked to the ground - my crime, filming a local councillor being attacked by the security goons. I continued filming until I was assaulted again by head of security - he did not like being filmed. Arm locked and frog marched out of frog faces rally, with security guard pushing me into fences whilst trying repeatedly to grab my phone. Very nasty and aggressive security team determined to stop any one expressing an opinion. The 250 people there had each been individually screened - you had to provide your social media details to get a ticket, and I know of a number of people who were initially granted tickets, but then had them rescinded after ‘background’ checks. All very fascist from the Farage Fascist Brexit party (that is not a party at all it seems)”.
This does not sit well with Ms Bramall’s claim “As we’ve already said - we would host to ANY party here at Old Hall!! With the exception of racists and anti-semites, to give EVERY PARTY a level playing field and a chance to speak to the people of Chester EQUALLY!!” Especially as she just hosted a party headed by an infamous racist and anti-Semite.

Old Hall Country Club’s directors need to realise that something bad happened on their premises. Then they need to retract, say sorry, and realise that, as far as Nigel Farage is concerned, it’s not going to be his problem. Because he’s only looking out for himself.
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