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Monday 6 May 2019

Katie Hopkins - Aspiring Child Killer

Those resisting vaccination programmes have been much in the news of late, mainly because the popularity of what is now known as the Anti-Vax movement has been matched by worrying increases in the kinds of diseases that those programmes are intended to eliminate in children - like measles. Not vaccinating against measles can cause those not vaccinated to get measles? Who knew that, then?
Viewers may still want to look away now

Well, clearly the Anti-Vaxers either didn’t, or didn’t want to know. As the Guardian has reported, “Measles cases worldwide rose by 300% during the first three months of 2019 compared with the same period last year … Measles, which is highly contagious, can be entirely prevented with a two-dose vaccine”. Entirely prevented.
The results of Ms Hopkins' latest campaign

But, as the article tells, “The internet has spread conspiracy theories and anti-pharmaceutical industry stories across Europe, where there has been major declines in immunisation rates. In some countries, including Italy and France, populist politicians have championed the right of parents not to vaccinate a child”.
So who might be spreading this slice of faux libertarianism? Step forward pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, who doesn’t care about other people’s children, and perhaps not even her own. “The British & German state wants to mandate what they inject into your baby. They will seek to control you by taking your school place. You know what is best for your child. Your child is not an animal. The herd is not your concern”.
This, sadly, is a pack of lies, as the Guardian article shows: “95% immunisation is necessary to prevent vulnerable children who cannot be vaccinated because of a compromised immune system from falling ill with potentially serious consequences”. So she’s ignorant as well as wilful. And there is more. Rather a lot more.
A GP emailed to explain that mass immunisation is a form of herd cover: you treat the whole herd to keep the whole herd safe. And I take his point. Except my son is not an animal, and I am not a sheep”. And thick with it. Someone pointed out that she does not have the right to put other people’s children in danger. “I respect your view. But I find this way of thinking at the opposite end of the spectrum to mine”. Not a good measles cure.
On she drones. “Some yell Anti-Vaxeer as easily as they yell Nazi”. Or, other parents don’t want irresponsible idiots like her to endanger their children. And don’t forget, “I pay for private school places for my children in order to free up (and fund) state school places for your children - immunised or not. You may kneel and kiss my fetid feet”.
And to the charge that she is risking the health of other children, “Perhaps. Or perhaps kids need to develop immunity against common illnessss. I care about my own children first. Selfish. But true”. Perhaps Katie Hopkins is too stupid to understand the science, but gobby enough to make a nuisance of herself doing it. We know what happened when children were left to “develop immunity”. They caught the diseases which then killed them.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. In Katie Hopkins’ case, that means knowing how to access social media platforms in order to endanger life. What a clown.
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Darren G said...

Why is it that most brexiters are also anti vax, and also seem to be a bit flat earth types as well?

Did anybody else notice that she also tried to get in an anti german statement in as well. I guess she could not find a want to blame people who are muslim for this as, I am sure that those folks that used to run Afghanistan also said not to vaccinate their kids, but in those instances that was because it was anti western.

Arnold said...

"Or perhaps kids need to develop immunity against common illnessss."
No argument there. Which of course is what vaccines do. Diseases also result in immunity. If they don't kill you first, that is.

Unknown said...

"I pay for private school places for my children in order to free up (and fund) state school places for your children"

Bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. She pays for private school places because she can afford it, and she can afford it because being a racist far-right contrarian shithead is a career choice these days. She comes out with this crap because she makes money from it.

Mrs Polite said...

I wonder what her position will be if any of her kids do get measles.

Actually, I don't wonder at all, she'll say they caught it off migrants, won't she...

Anonymous said...

“I pay for private school places for my children in order to free up (and fund) state school places for your children - immunised or not. You may kneel and kiss my fetid feet”

She got out of that IVA pretty sharpish then, I wonder who has paid for that?

Unknown said...

@Mrs Polite I would bet my house that she has had her kids vaccinated. She isn't stupid, she's just a mercenary, hypocrite that comes out with this crap because her audience expects it.

Gonzoland said...

"... kiss my fetid feet"
Matches your fetid mind, Hopkins.

Jaxster said...

If only there was some way for children to "develop immunity" without some having to die from the disease maybe we could give them some weakened for of disease to help them develop this immunity without dying someone should look into this?