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Friday 31 May 2019

Tracy Ann Oberman - Shame On You

One might have thought, given she is party to a legal action being taken against people who have allegedly cast doubt on her character, that minor Sleb Tracy Ann Oberman would, how shall I put this, tread carefully when it came to tackling sensitive subjects on an open social media forum. But, it seems, that thought would have been misplaced.
Tracy Ann Oberman

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - not known to be a favourite of Ms Oberman - had Tweeted “Deeply saddened to hear that my old friend Walter Wolfgang has died … Walter escaped Nazi Germany and has campaigned for peace and socialism ever since, including his passionate opposition to the Iraq War … Yesterday, we said our goodbyes. He will be greatly missed”. Wolfgang had been a Labour member for over 70 years. He was 95.
Moreover, he was a co-founder of CND, and will be familiar to many as the man who was bundled out of the 2005 Labour Party conference for heckling Jack Straw, who had been extolling the virtues of post-invasion Iraq. He and Jezza were on the same, socialist and pacifist, wing of the Labour Party. It was a genuine and heartfelt message.
For some reason, this was lost on Ms Oberman, who quoted Jezza’s Tweet and added “#Vulture let the man die in peace”. It was crass, it was callous, it was just plain nasty. And, although she deleted the Tweet later, it was Out There. And the Internet never forgets.
One observer mused “Oberman has been shamed into deleting this. I thought she was incapable of shame”. The Tweeter known as Jews Sans Frontières added “This orgy of hatred against Corbyn is disgusting. I never heard of Oberman before but see this. Apparently Corbyn has no right to mourn the passing of a friend. Not only that, Walter Wolfgang was a supporter of Jews for Justice for Palestinians so Oberman would have hated him too”. Others were swift to issue their own condemnations.
One who was aghast at what they saw responded “Good grief. I've just seen that obscene tweet by Tracy Anne Oberman calling Jeremy Corbyn a ‘vulture’ for posting up a tweet about the sad death, yesterday, of his decades-long friend #WalterWolfgang She's sick in the head. What sort of ogre thinks that's acceptable discourse?
Another Tweeter who was unimpressed added “Oberman is a genuinely sick woman. And nothing puts it into sharper focus than this tweet. Just imagine how Walter's family and friends would feel if they stumbled across this...? #Twisted”. One also has to wonder what Ms Oberman’s lawyers thought when they saw that. Which they will have done by now.
Moreover, the response of folks like Mike Sivier and his legal team will be interesting. Sivier is, as Zelo Street regulars will know, involved in combating a legal threat issued on behalf of two individuals, one of whom is Tracy Ann Oberman.

Think before you Tweet. No matter how rich, famous and lawyered-up you are.
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Mark said...

Not the first time she's been shamed into deleted highly offensive tweets either - remember the Rob Delaney tweet about the death of his infant child? It makes her hypocrisy in believing she operated upon the moral high ground on twitter all the more infuriating really. I don't do social media, but surely there's a way you can report this kind of behaviour and some kind of consequence deriving from it for such a loathsome individual? If there isn't, there really ought to be. Twitter, it seems to me, is a platform to show off the feet of clay these minor slebs, intoxicated by the smell of their own farts, possess. See also Dara O'Briein's hilariously cowardly scuttleback over the Danny Baker controversy when called out by Gina Yashere.

AndyC said...

The treatment meted out to Walter Wolfgang by the security thugs at that Labour conference played a major part in my distancing myself from an increasingly authoritarian Labour Party under Blair/ Straw.

Unknown said...

In other news it sucks to be Julia Hartley Dooda today....