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Sunday 19 May 2019

Farage IN TROUBLE With EU Authorities

It was another of those moments which might have floored lesser politicians, but once again Nigel “Thirsty” Farage breezed through it, lies and all: the inevitable questions following the Channel 4 News revelations that he had benefited to the tune of £450,000 from donations from his old mucker Arron Banks.
Squeaky caught lying again finger up the bum time

First, he denied the claims. Those Rotten Lefty™ broadcasters were trying to stitch up poor Nige. It was to be expected; they were trying to take the gloss off his triumphal procession around the UK, and his new party’s inevitable triumph at the upcoming European Parliament elections. Then he was told that Banks had confirmed the payments.

Was Nige fazed? Not a bit of it. Look, it was all about him trying to establish a new career for himself as a media star in the USA. He was rather enjoying it, too, until those useless Westminster politicians denied the people their referendum choice. It had been about him getting back on his feet and getting on with his life. It was, he proclaimed, irrelevant to the EP election campaign. Except it was highly relevant.

As the Independent has reported, Farage “is facing an investigation by European parliament authorities over claims that he failed to declare nearly half a million pounds in gifts from an insurance tycoon under investigation by the National Crime Agency. It was claimed this week that the Brexit Party leader has been given as much as £450,000 in kind by Arron Banks, including a chauffeur-driven car, rent and bills on a £4.4m Chelsea home, and lavish trips to the United States to meet with right-wing politicians”. There was more.
But none of the gifts, detailed in invoices seen by Channel 4 News, were declared on Mr Farage’s register of interests with the European parliament, which is designed to prevent MEPs from keeping their conflicts of interests secret.” That’s £450,000 he’s failed to declare. And he’s running for re-election to that same Parliament.

So will an investigation go ahead? Seems it will. “In a letter seen by The Independent, one of the European parliament’s quaestors - MEPs responsible for the body’s financial and administrative matters - calls on the parliament’s presidency to ‘investigate these apparent contraventions as a matter of urgency’. The push for an inquiry comes days before British voters are set to go to the polls for the European parliament elections”.

One of those quaestors, Lib Dem MEP Catherine Bearder, observed “I can see no reference to any of the reported travel or accommodation subsidies related to Mr Farage’s US tour on any of his declarations of financial interests on the parliament’s website”. That may be because they are not there. And the problem for the EP is that they might fine him - not for the first time - but he would still be able to take his seat if re-elected.
Moreover, there is still the question of where the £450,000 actually originated. Arron Banks, it should be remembered, cannot afford to live in his mansion, instead occupying the rather more humble lodge, and hiring out the main house for events.

There has been too much fawning over Farage, especially during the EP election campaign. Perhaps our free and fearless press could start asking questions instead.
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Anonymous said...

Here we go again , a sore loser remainer, attempting to play the man and not the ball. Well at least you didn't have a go at the crowd like Matt Kelly's repulsive ageist tweet!

Farage speaks the truth about the EU and Brexit and people know it. All the smears and scrutiny count for nought against this basic fact. The childishness of remarks like "thirsty" show a ridiculous desperation and lack of ability to grasp the fact that politicians have set themselves against the public will and the hoi polloi have had enough.

Mockingly abusing and belittling people who disagree with your view will not result in them reversing their opinion. It will result in the brutal political backlash about to be administered to Britain’s mainstream politicians in four days’ time.

You are pissing into a gale force wind, hopefully it will clear your sight!

Tim Fenton said...


You have one problem, quite apart from claiming others are using disrespectful language while using plenty of it yourself.

That problem is that Nigel Farage would not know the truth if it jumped up and kicked him in the undercarriage.

You're welcome.

He chops down cheese He drinks his lunch He RTs the AfD said...

@Anon 18:33
Now, you listen here: 'e's not the Messiah, 'e's a very selfish twat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

"disrespectful language" I don't see it, try Specsavers, disrespectful enough?
( other opticians are available )

The truth, spoken by "Thirsty", is before the Referendum agreed by Parliament, we were told by the Prime Minister of the day, and in a taxpayer-funded leaflet delivered to every home in the land, that it was our choice. We could vote to stay in the European Union, or we could vote to leave the European Union, and the politicians would implement our will. Parliament invoked Article 50, at the General Election both Tory & Labour manifestos said they would implement the people's will.

Britain chose to leave. Politicians have wilfully ignored this. "Thirsty" describes this as an act of betrayal. To which Remainers respond by accusing him of peddling incendiary invective when it is the truth.

So what do we actually call it when makes a solemn pledge, you accept it in good faith, then they do precisely the opposite?

The truth is Remainers see nothing wrong in abusing those who want that result respected for being too stupid, too old or too white. Then they wonder why they have lost the argument!

I hope your undercarriage isn't too sore!

rob said...

Meanwhile as Farage lies and cheats his way to continue receiving his income for doing no work from the institution that he berates the Corbynistas and The Maybot army are losing supporters in droves to the Remain Parties and slightly less to the Brexit Party Which is not a Party but a donor receptacle from whoever in the world wants to disrupt politics UK.

And to Anon 18:33. "Sore Loser". You bet. If you felt fraudulently cheated you might understand. As Hillary Clinton might have said.

Tim Fenton said...


Nobody calls Leave voters stupid, although Leave voters are led to believe this by the likes of Farage, and don't stop to think that he is lying. Again.

Also, the fact that Brexit is not as simple as Farage claims never gets a look-in. Nor does the inconvenient fact that Farage has no interest in taking part in that process. He is just going to sit outside and lob bricks. Easy for him to keep whining "Brexit has not been delivered". He should worry. He doesn't care. And he especially doesn't care about what Brexit will do to his supporters.

And you fail to address Farage's lying. So here's some to keep you occupied https://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2016/12/nigel-farage-liar-of-year.html

You're welcome.