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Monday 20 May 2019

Yellow Vest Man Is Tree Hugging Coward

Yesterday’s attempt by Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, to ingratiate himself with the people of Liverpool was, from the start, a campaign destined to develop not necessarily to his advantage. The Great Man turned up hours late, experienced a hostile reception, required a significant Police escort to get him in and out of the planned venue, and all for around 60 diehard followers to hear him rant.
He's not the Messiah, he's a gobby wimp

But if Lennon had a bad time, that was as nothing compared to his self-appointed outrider James Goddard, the de facto head of the UK Yellow Vest movement, who is a prime candidate for being arrested simply for being himself. In an attempt to camouflage himself, Goddard turned up wearing a red jacket. But he had not taken steps to button his North and South, which turned out to be a most unwise move.
Confronting a significantly-sized group of protesters, Goddard began to insult them, and their city, seemingly unaware that there was only one of him, and rather a lot of them. Under some pressure from no more than two Scouse women, Goddard delivered the fatal insult. “Why would I want to be from here? It’s a shithole”.
So speaks someone who hasn’t checked out his own bedroom recently. It was a most unwise thing to say, and soon Brave James Goddard was, er, running away, the Police holding back his pursuers to the chant of “If it wasn’t for the Bizzies you’d be dead”.
Ending up hiding in a tree, Goddard was soon the subject of well-deserved ridicule. “Loving that Liverpool didn't bother with the milkshake for James Goddard. They just told him to fuck off and chased him up a tree” … “Today some racist divvy called James Goddard came to Liverpool and two Scouse women made him run away and climb up a tree to hide. Don’t ever tell me that this isn’t the best city on the planet” was typical.
There was more. “In the last few days Liverpool has run the far right fascists Tommy Robinson and James Goddard out of town, extremists of the far right aren't welcome in this tolerant city, god I love Liverpool and its people”. And, as it was Bootle, someone had to use the M-word. “Liverpool is a shit hole yet the tramp can’t get trabs that fit him #JamesGoddard bad meff”. Paul Nuttall was unavailable for comment.
Goddard hiding in a tree brought more ridicule. “A nobody. Under a tree” … “Tommy Robinson imitator James Goddard having an absolute shocker in Bootle - about one whole minute after he called Liverpool a shithole loads of Scouse ma’s made him get his stepcount on and climb up a tree for his own safety” … “James Goddard has been legged by the Scouse Ma's of #Bootle Hahaha”. Then came the pièce de résistance.
James Goddard yellow vest supremo and Anna Soubry botherer, goes to Liverpool, called it a 'shithole' and gets filled in by Mumsnet”. You’ve got to love Scousers.

The hard man of the Yellow Vest movement? What a spineless pussy.
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Unknown said...

If there is one thing that I have learned in life is Don't prove scoucsers

Mark said...

*wipes tear away* Tears of pride or laughter? Both!

RodJ said...

Well done Liverpool. A beautiful city full of wonderful people :D