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Sunday 15 June 2014

WLFS – New Head Ignores Toby Young

As I mentioned last week, the West London Free School (WLFS), domain of the loathsome Toby Young, has already appointed a new head teacher. Hywel Jones is the new head, and he will take up his post full-time in September. The school has now published a letter from Jones to parents of the school’s pupils, which is interesting not just in what it mentions, but in what it does not.
Is Tobes about to be chucked out of the Weinbunker?

Moreover, although Jones’ letter is dated June 6th, Tobes has not made any mention of his appointment via his Twitter feed, despite posting WLFS related content amid the usual welter of spin and self-promotion. Nor did he mention the good news when making another complaint to this blog about alleged inaccuracy – although his comment came two days after the date on the letter.

Why should this be? Ah well. One look at the detail of Jones’ letter fills in most of the gaps: the new head is the product of a state comprehensive school (as is Tobes, although for some reason he doesn’t say much about that). And, unlike Young, who went to Oxford – by mistake – Jones took his first degree at the LSE, an organisation all too often derided by right-wingers.

On top of that, although Jones describes himself as “an integral part of the Leadership Team who took St. Mary’s, a comprehensive state school in Hertfordshire, from Good to Outstanding in all areas under the current stringent Ofsted inspection schedule”, he was a history teacher there, not the head. He does not (yet) have any experience at that level.

So what is the WLFS doing appointing him? Simples. Forget all the hype: this is a relatively small school, and its reputation for high staff turnover, together with Tobes’ ability to piss people off, especially anyone who can be labelled as part of the educational establishment, means it has to set its sights rather lower than seeking an experienced head who went to the right kind of university.

And what Jones does not do in that letter is make any reference whatsoever to his CEO: “I look forward to working with Dame Sally, the directors, governors, staff and pupils during July to gain further insight before I begin in September”. But Tobes is the founder of the WLFS. Why would the new head not mention him by name? And why would Young not make any mention of the new appointment?

It appears that Sally Coates has been the driving force behind Jones’ recruitment, and, after what happened with Sam Naismith, that should surprise nobody. And, with the building work at Palingswick house apparently in difficulty, time might just be running out for Toby Young. I’ve said before that he should resign as CEO – or be caused to resign. That event may now be at hand.

And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving soul. Jump before they push you, Tobes.


Anonymous said...

is there some significance in hywel's glaring omission? is the penny finally dropping that Brand Toby is highly toxic and damaging to the WLFS reputation?

if the answer to question 1 is 'yes' and the answer to question 2 is 'similar' I'll die a happy man.

Shawlrat said...

Interesting times ahead - the fat lady won't be singing for a long time yet.