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Sunday 15 June 2014

Sun Pundit Hates Liverpool

The Super Soaraway Currant Bun may have apologised almost two years ago for its disgraceful reporting of the Hillsborough stadium disaster, and the way its then editor deliberately and shamelessly dumped the blame on the dead Liverpool fans, but, as I pointed out earlier, the paper doesn’t really care what anyone on Merseyside thinks. And nor does at least one of its pundits.
Hillsborough memorial at Anfield. What do Sun pundits think of this? Not much, it seems ...

In fact, that pundit has gone further, said the Sun has nothing to apologise for, and anyone suggesting otherwise should sod off. As she’s still a Sun pundit, one has to conclude that Rupe is not too fussed about her attitude: step forward Louise Mensch, now thankfully no longer a Tory MP, who read English Language and Literature at Oxford, not that you would know that from the less temperate of her outbursts.
She starts in an almost conciliatory manner, deploying the #JFT96 hashtag and appearing to side with the people of Merseyside: “What the Sun did at the time of Hillsborough was disgusting and merited its front page apology”. If only she had left it there, but then, Ms Mensch is never one to leave it there.
Yes, immediately afterwards she deploys the work BUT, and in this case it is a very big BUT indeed. “Nobody at the Sun was bloody even working there then. They were mostly kids and teens. It’s absolutely immoral to blame them”. People of Liverpool, note this well: another sign that the Sun doesn’t care.
And, as the man said, there’s more: “When opportunistic politicians blame my totally blameless colleagues for something they had ZERO involvement with, it’s disgusting. Sod off”. And all those MPs who represent Liverpool, notably Steve Rotheram, plus those like Tom Watson who have found adversely on Miliband’s media advisors, you should be listening up too. The Sun doesn’t care what you think either.
There is, however some back-pedalling: “As I’m just a columnist and speak only for myself I can say it. I’m so proud to work for the Sun and you lot are just lillylivered [sic] hypocrites”. But only a little: “this does not negate [Hillsborough] anger but don’t put it on people who were toddlers then!
And who is this “you lot”? As if you need to ask: “any hypocritical Labour pillock who loved the Sun supporting Blair and Brown and said nothing but now blames my colleagues”. That is truly eye-watering in its contempt for Merseyside: there was no love for Murdoch’s support of Blair there, and, minor point for Ms Mensch perhaps, the paper never supported Pa Broon.

But let me put her straight: the Sun still has some of the same staff it had back in 1989, like Keith Rupert Murdoch – the bloke who owns it. And the apology was made less than two years ago, so maybe the owner and editor did not share Ms Mensch’s view then. Sadly, it’s clear they do now. And that’s not good enough.


A Kelly said...

Anyone who is proud to work at The Sun must be soft in the head. But there again this is Louise Mensch....

rob said...

I wonder what the former toddler Trevor Kavanagh thinks about it all? A political editor in nappies might actually explain quite a lot!

Does Ms Mensch actually "work" for The Sun or is she paid, for a byline of a column for wording in accordance to the dictates of her mentor, as a reward for her hijacking of a certain HoC select committee report?

A current ongoing trial seems to indicate that all is not what it appears of columns credited to so called personalities.

Perhaps she does after all get paid for the in depth scientific analysis content - as much paid to an astrology "expert" quoted in the same ongoing trial?