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Friday 27 June 2014

Greg Hands, Cremorne, And World’s End

It seems that the coverage by this blog (see HERE and HERE) of threats to the Cremorne and World’s End estates in Chelsea has shed sufficient light on the machinations of the Tory-dominated Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) Council for residents to realise that their elected representatives are being less than totally open and honest with them.
And those elected representatives include MP Greg Hands, who is so far refusing to meet his constituents other than via booked one-on-one surgery visits. Hands will not be addressing any meetings, nor making any publicly announced visit to Cremorne or World’s End. He has also declined to respond to the direct question as to whether World’s End would be part of any “redevelopment”.
Local MP won't attend meetings no shock horror

Hands was asked for his views, and whether he would attend any of the meetings (there is one this afternoon, from 1400 to 2000 hours, at Studio 2 of the Chelsea Theatre in World’s End Place). His reply was “always happy to meet any constituents (eg at weekly surgery) but you should also respond to the TfL consultation”. That looks like the area’s MP is washing his hands of the whole affair.
What's the problem, Greg? Cat got your tongue?

When he was asked “so what is the plan? Demolish the World’s End Estate for a station? Is it just more social cleansing?” answer came there none. His last bulletin to constituents simply gives a link for the Crossrail 2 website and adds “A station for Chelsea is envisaged, and there are currently two proposals for its location: Dovehouse Green and Cremorne. TfL is inviting views before 25th July”.
Someone does not want residents to see these notices

This is a significant change of tack: when it came to HS2, which crosses beyond the northern edge of his constituency, Hands was all enthusiasm, but on Crossrail 2 he is keeping his head down. Meanwhile, it has emerged that RBKC Cabinet Member for Planning Policy, Transport and Arts Tim Coleridge wrote to Bozza as far back as last August urging examination of what is now being called the Chelsea West option.
Look who else is involved ... crikey readers!

The advantages of a station towards the western end of the King’s Road should be investigated further” he concluded. Residents, however, were not informed, and even now, posters alerting them to the potential consequences of the Chelsea West option are being taken down, a move that looks disturbing (but good to see Get West London is now up to speed on the issue).
Only dropped on residents earlier this month, remember

Greg Hands has been elected to serve all of his constituents, without fear or favour. He has not been elected to spend his time Tweeting snarky remarks about the leader of the opposition, nor spreading party propaganda about the new Labour administration in Hammersmith and Fulham. When he had the opportunity to show some leadership on Cremorne and World’s End, he was absent elsewhere.

Why the silence? What does Greg Hands know that the residents do not?

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