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Sunday 8 June 2014

Toby Young Excuses – Pants On Fire

The loathsome Toby Young took it upon himself to accuse this blog of “libelling” both one of his staff, and Himself Personally Now, in a comment posted yesterday. This is arrant bullshit, as I will show, but first I have a little good news for all interested in the West London Free School (WLFS): a new head teacher has been appointed. You read it here first: Tobes seems rather reluctant to give out news right now.
Step away from the glass, Tobes

But to the accusation, which concerns my observations on the appointment of sports teacher Aaron Hudson. Tobes takes issue as to who pays his salary: my source – one of many on WLFS – stands firm on this. He then says “Aaron is not part of any ‘group’, is not the ‘third’, ‘fourth’ or ‘fifth’ man in any ‘consultancy’, has not been involved in any ‘bonding’ evenings. These are all malicious falsehoods”.

I did not say Hudson was part of the extra-curricular activity that, it appears, was the end for former head teacher Sam Naismith. Nor did I say that he had taken part in any “bonding” evenings. So, as the assertions were not made, they aren’t falsehoods, and any malice is on Tobes’ part for misleadingly inventing them. Next time you call “libel”, Tobes, just make sure you can stand up your claim.
Leading contender for World's Worst Excuse Note

And now we come to those whose behaviour has caused them to leave WLFS. Tobes asserts “Jon Smedley (note spelling) has not been asked to leave the school”. This is at best misleading, and at worst flagrant dishonesty: he is leaving, Tobes, or did you forget that you already appointed Holly Naismith (no relation) to the position of Director of Sport for the next academic year?

From there we move swiftly along to Tobes’ increasingly fragile memory: “I know nothing about any ‘bonding’ evenings”. YOU JUST SAID ONE OF YOUR STAFF HADN’T BEEN TO ONE. Christ on a bike, Tobes, I know you can’t be getting your comments legalled, but just for once, think them through, eh? And if anyone has evidence, it’s public money, so don’t expect other than public scrutiny.

Which brings us on to the rest of the Tobes amnesia: “To my knowledge, Sam Naismith at no point set up a ‘hockey academy’ during the course of his employment”. THEN WHY DID YOU SACK HIM, AND DISPOSE OF DRUCE AND SMEDLEY? Go on, let’s have the last excuse: “I know of no instances in which the staff have got drunk and ‘crashed out’ on the school premises”.

WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE RUNNING THIS SCHOOL?!? Tobes is the CEO, yet he appears to know nothing about the misbehaviour that caused at least three of its staff to be sent down the road ... by, er, him. I say “at least”, because there is also the case of another staff member and an embarrassing incident involving a radiator. Would Tobes like chapter and verse on that, in case he forgot already?

Your excuse note is beyond lame, Tobes. Get writing that resignation letter sharpish.

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