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Wednesday 20 December 2017

Tory Bullying Man Is Back

After the Tory bullying scandal broke, following the death of activist Elliott Johnson, the organisation most readily identified with the affair, the Young Britons’ Foundation, became effectively moribund. Its annual gathering was officially postponed, but never happened. Head man Donal Blaney did the rounds of the broadcasters and blamed BBC Newsnight. And then he seemed to disappear from view. Until now.
Donal Blaney - did he ever really go away?
Luke Nash Jones. With a caption that screams TOSSER

Because Blaney is now back, although it requires some effort to discover his name in his new-found venture. This is, to no surprise at all, a deeply Conservative entity called the Young Chartists, whose Twitter feed contains all the usual Blaney staples: calling Universities “Marxist madrasas”, associating London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan with terrorism, kicking the Web Giants, demonising the EU, and the adoration of Margaret Thatcher.
The Young Chartists subscribe to the wholly false concept of the “Alt Left”, something Blaney can applaud from his belief that Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) really is offering news. There are strong claims to patriotism - well, of the kind that is ideologically acceptable to those running the show. Those on the left, it is suggested, indulge in anti-Semitism. But they can go after George Soros.
Those visiting the Young Chartists Facebook page are warnedWithin 10 years, Britain will become like Sweden - home to the highest crime rates in the world, due to world's highest rates of rape: of women, children, even animals - unless we make a stand NOW for the rule of law! Preserve Western civilisation!” Not that this is a Whitey Power racist thing, you understand. Nor is the constant use of pejorative names like “Londonistan”.
Refugees are declared to be roughly equivalent to rapists. Britain’s youth is warned that the dastardly EU is coming for their jobs. In a move reminiscent of Blaney throwing his weight around the web and threatening those he disliked, we read “You know we are winning when even BuzzFeed backs down!! You don't mess with the Chartists - we are the future!”. Tomorrow clearly belongs to them. Allegedly.
There is a virulent streak of Islamophobia running through the group, along with some particularly disturbing affiliations: “The People’s Charter Foundation is a non-partisan identitarian campaign group run by diverse group of passionate Tory, UKIP, and other patriots. We demand for proper Brexit, and for Britain to ban Sharia law. We work closely with the Bruges Group, Gays Against Sharia, the Campaign for Independent Britain, UK Against Hate, the Bow Group, MBGA News, and Better Off Out”.
UK Against Hate was responsible for the Manchester march attended by former EDL head man Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. The associated bad behaviour was condemned by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham.
So who is the front man for this group? Not Blaney, who is a mere patron (along with UKIP’s deputy leader Peter Whitte, among others). No, the figurehead is one Luke Nash Jones. who has established MBGA (Make Britain Great Again) News “to rival the BBC”. No, don’t laugh. But this clown has some serious and shady backing.

The Tory bullying man is back. So is the nastier side of the Right. You have been warned.


Anonymous said...

I rather think the Chartists - the original, the REAL Chartists - would have blanched at this theft of their name by a mob of hysterical far right ranting righties and tories.

Then again, the tories have robbed every national asset for themselves, so why not this?

Any day now we'll be back to sticking kids up chimneys and cavorting druids in Canary Wharf. All in the name of patriotism you understand.

Blaney?......Fuck him and his type, tory knobheads all.

Anonymous said...

Why do all of Blainey's ventures involve young people? Surely it's time he moved on to the world of adult right wing politics? It's almost as if he has some ulterior motive for constantly surrounding himself with easily impressed teenage political nerds.