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Sunday 3 December 2017

Nigel Farage Lies On Marr

To the considerable concern of many viewers who do not share his view of the world, former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage was welcomed on to the official BBC paper review sofa for today’s edition of The Andy Marr Show (tm). And once he opened his North and South, Nige proceeded in the only way he knows how - talking well, but lying badly. There was also a less than healthy dose of rank hypocrisy.
Squeaky live on air porkies finger up the bum time

The problem facing Farage was that to his left, and indeed to the left of everyone else in the studio, was Ayesha Hazarika, a Scot of forthright opinion. That opinion failed to chime with the tsunami of foghorn dishonesty emanating from Mr Thirsty. At times, Marr found himself marginalised as the two disagreed vehemently on a variety of subjects. The third paper reviewer, from the right-wing Astroturf IEA, also had difficulty being heard.

Farage asserted that the EU “makes completely arbitrary decisions”. This is totally untrue. He was trying to frame the decision to claw back previously claimed expenses as other than a result of his being caught fiddling them.

When Marr dd get a word in, he landed a telling blow as he asked if Farage would be accepting the £73,000 a year pension that his 20 years’ service in the European Parliament (that would be, for some value of “service”) entitles him, suggesting that this would be hypocritical of him after all the time Mr Thirsty had spent slagging off the EU. Nige said of course he would take it, and it wasn’t hypocrisy at all.
(c) Steve Bell 2016

Why should my family, and others, suffer even more?” he protested. This is the family from which he appears to have become estranged, no longer living with his second wife in Kent, but in London. The admission that he would take the pension came after he lied once more by suggesting it wasn’t a problem because he wouldn’t get it anyway.

Could it get any worse? It certainly could. Farage decided to appoint himself saviour of the country against the scourge of the far right, claiming “Do you know something, I believe I’ve done more than anybody in this country to stop the rise of the far right in Britain … I did it by taking away those people who were going out and voting BNP and holding their nose. So when it comes to dealing with the far right, I’ve got a very good track record”.

Yeah, right. So he admits that UKIP courted racists, and at the same time forgets the dog-whistle bigotry exemplified by the “Breaking Point” poster which caused such revulsion in the last days of the referendum campaign. And then came The Donald.
Combover Crybaby Donald Trump’s Retweeting of three faked videos from far-right Britain First had him scoffing “Do I think those tweets were in good taste? Not particularly, no. But the point is the level of outrage from the liberal elite in this country is out of all proportion with what happened here. And every single time, the idea that should lead to half the Labour party saying he shouldn’t be allowed to come to our country frankly is ridiculous”.

Sajid Javid is “half the Labour Party”? And then came the Pièce de Résistance, as he claimed Trump “wouldn’t have an earthly clue” who BF were. Bullshit. He knew enough to be able to snap back at Theresa May the next morning. And he frequently endorses such groups in the USA, calling them “Very fine people”. So pants on fire again, then.


Anonymous said...

It's quite usual for BBC "News" and politics programmes to invite Farage.

After all, they too are far right. Maybe not as far gone as Farage, but certainly from the same stable. For confirmation you have merely to research the background and opinions of people like Marr - Marr's "attacks" on tories are the equivalent of being lashed with a length of wet cotton.

There'll be lots more of this kind of shite, a lot of it much, much worse. For which, watch that disgusting lump of runny fat lard that is Andrew Neil. There are plenty of others in the BBC closet.

Unknown said...

"Marr's attacks" ��

Anonymous said...

Somewhat ironic that one of this little gobshite's main targets is the number of MEPs receiving fat salaries, huge pensions and expenses at our cost and for doing bugger all to earn them.
Wonder where he gets his evidence for this claim.............