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Friday 1 December 2017

Emma Dent Coad - New Smear Fawked

The campaign by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog to end the Parliamentary career of Labour’s Emma Dent Coad, who won Kensington from the Tories in one of the 2017 General Election’s biggest shocks, has so far progressed not necessarily to their advantage. But The Great Guido is not downhearted, far from it. So another smear hit the web yesterday.
Emma Dent Coad MP

The post, titled straightforwardlyEmma Dent Coad Gives Daughter Parliamentary Pass” was not claimed by Staines, nor newly anointed teaboy Alex “Billy Liar” Wickham, nor even apprentice sandwich monitor, oops sorry, “senior reporter” Ross Kempsell, demonstrating that the Fawkes massive is of less than perfect courage. But it did demonstrate an ability not to bother doing any research, while also dispensing with facts completely.

This is what the Fawkes post tells: “Republican Emma Dent Coad is obviously no fan of the hereditary principle. Not least knocking little Prince George … Odd, then, that she has given her daughter Connie a parliamentary pass. After Guido asked the Kensington MP’s office why, we were told the pass has now been surrendered … There’s not exactly a shortage of young people seeking work experience with an MP. Every year, many applications to volunteer are rejected. There must have been no one else”.

There was also a photo of Ms Dent Coad’s daughter, which The Great Guido, in maintaining the Fawkes’ blog’s reputation for playing fast and loose with copyright, nicked from her Instagram without first asking permission.

But this is a mere incidental detail: the Fawkes massive knew - or should have known, as the information is not exactly a state secret - that Ms Dent Coad had a very good reason for giving her daughter a Parliamentary pass, and it had very little to do with her being family. Of course, adding that detail would have negated the attack.
The Great Guido - not an MP

So why was the pass provided? Simples. In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, the workload for Kensington’s MP skyrocketed. Many in the constituency pitched in to help. Ms Dent Coad’s daughter was one of them - she did this on a completely voluntary basis.

It get worse for the Fawkes rabble: it has been put to me that The Great Guido at first tried to stand up the assertion that Ms Dent Coad had formally employed her daughter - this was totally untrue and provably so. The Fawkes blog, for once, desisted.

They then wanted to claim that Connie was an unpaid intern, which was also totally untrue, and provably so. Once again, they backed off. So after that, all that was left was to say “well, she gave her daughter a pass, nudge nudge, wink wink”, and to lift a photo from Instagram without getting permission.

Emma Dent Coad accepts that, as an MP, she will be subject to scrutiny by her constituents, her peers, and the media. But the sneering schoolboys of the Fawkes blog are now overstepping the mark in their puerile and vindictive efforts to “get her”.

The Great Guido has lost this one. Get over it, children.

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