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Thursday 7 December 2017

Latest Sun EU Scare BUSTED

This has not been a good week for Theresa May and her cabinet, after the DUP scuppered her solution to the Irish border issue, David Davis admitted there had been no homework for the dog to eat, Spreadsheet Phil donned his soulless accountant persona to blame productivity problems on the disabled, and all the while more horrors on the Damian Green front kept appearing. The term SNAFU does not adequately describe the farce.
One Charlie in search of a P45

Even the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have acknowledged this new reality in their editorial today. Their only problem is that inability to rationalise the mess other than by heaping abuse on those who actually do have their acts together, notably Ireland’s Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, whom the Sun has now described as “overly chatty”, which is not code for “nudge nudge he’s gay”, oh no.

All those problems are dismissed, as they tell “Neither the Irish or UK Governments want a hard border on the island of Ireland, and have said as much”. Does that solve the issue? No, thought not. But do go on. “The Brexit Department has already published a bucketload of future planning papers”. Does that mean Davis didn’t foul up? No once more. The realisation that this is not going to convince readers may have already occurred.

Because the customary morning broadside at all those not sharing the view held by the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker is ended with a sinew-stiffening warning. “And if you needed a reminder of why we’re leaving? Brussels bureaucrats have just demanded a €500billion crisis fund and a continent-wide ‘Minister for the Economy’. We’re still better off out”. Wait, what? Well, there is some truth in this. But, as usual, not very much.

We know this as the Irish Times has given its readers the full story, as well as the reason there has been very little coverage of it in the UK. After the headline telling “EU Commission seeks €500bn economic crisis fund and finance minister” comes the sub-heading “Proposed reforms part of agenda to be discussed at euro summit next week”. That is “Euro” as in currency. Which the UK never adopted.

It’s all about the Euro: “Most ambitiously the [European] commission proposes turning the EU’s sovereign bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism, created during the financial crisis to assist in bailouts in Greece and Ireland among others, into a European Monetary Fund (EMF) with wider powers. A ‘robust crisis management body’, the commission says, with an overall lending capacity of €500 billion”.
In addition, “Among other measures proposed by the commission is the appointment of an EU finance minister who would serve as a bridge between the informal eurogroup of member states, which they would chair, and the commission on which they would also serve”. Any measures to strengthen the Euro are automatically hated by the Murdoch mafiosi. So it gets turned into a scare story to frighten Sun readers into line.

Britain is not in the Eurozone. None of this would affect us, were we to remain in the EU. It’s an irrelevance to us. But that is how low the Murdoch goons are prepared to go in order to screw up Sterling and get Sky at a bargain basement price. Don’t Buy The Sun.


Merde Doc said...

'We’re still better off out' is the giveaway line. Ie despite everything we've previously said having been proved to be bullshit, we're STILL better off out. What an admission!
Desperation, eh?
Project Fear turns out to have been Project Informed.

Anonymous said...

It isn't "Spreadsheet Phil".

It's There Is No Unemployment Hammond.

Just as it's There Are No Foodbanks Mackenzie.

The only difference is Hammond hisses through his teeth like a lizard, while Mackenzie howls out of his Nazi arse.

But both of them are rotten to the core.