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Sunday 24 December 2017

Tis The Season Once More

And so the clock is ticking down to Christmas once more. The presents are wrapped, the cards written, the packing under way, and another hopefully relaxing occasion is in prospect, at the end of yet another momentous year.
We have seen Brexit go from hero to zero and beyond. The Tories, under the less than charismatic leadership of Theresa May, went to catch a huge majority, screwed up their campaign, took the electorate for granted, and dropped it.

More potentially illegal behaviour from our free and fearless press was exposed, the clamour for more effective press regulation persisted, the spectre of Leveson part 2 has not gone away, and the likes of Mazher Mahmood face an uncertain future.

The far-right made itself look increasingly stupid, and although it gained a new and determined recruit in pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, her star diminished further during the year. Zelo Street correctly told the world that she was being sacked, and that she had then been sacked. Even Press Gazette had to confirm that. Sort of.

And the Press and Pundit Establishment have been held to account, whether they like it or not (usually the latter). This includes many, like the Murdoch mafiosi, their poodles the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, and the UKIP saloon bar propper-uppers, who claim not to be part of it. Bullshit.

Then some of us decided we had to change our minds about Jeremy Corbyn. Sadly, some decided not to, and began to throw a series of mardy strops about which nobody gave a flying foxtrot. There will be more in the New Year.

The result of all that is that we continue to live in interesting times - sometimes it seems that those times can get a little too interesting.

Meanwhile, Zelo Street will be taking a break over the Christmas period. I hope that, whatever your stance on the political spectrum, you enjoy a peaceful festive season.

As one much-missed and famous man might have said, thank you, and may your God go with you.


deltarosee said...

Many thanks Tim for another year of interesting news items. Best wishes to you and yours from us 'barrow boys' late of Bethnal Green.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you and yours, Tim.

Keep up the good work.

mirandola said...

Thanks for your blog, Tim, even if I do not agree with everything you write. You are a terrier though once you get your teeth stuck into something.

Happy Christmas!

Pendragon said...

Christmas is coming and the news managers are working up to the last moment—on fox-hunting, this time.

On Boxing Day we often get TV coverage of hunts and packs of hounds. Will this coverage include a piece on May’s recently announced decision, published in Christmas Eve’s "Sunday Times", that she is shelving her attempt to re-introduce fox-hunting ? Presumably to attract young peoples’ votes ?

So all the people who watch TV News on Boxing Day get the “no re-introduction of fox-hunting” message? What a great way to get it out to a mass audience.

Cockney Cnut said...

Thanks for all the good work again, Tim. Don't know how you stay sane given all the dross, garbage, shite and entrails you have to deal with every day(and that's just the posts from Anonymous).
Keep it up. And keep it up 'em!

Arnold said...

Look on the bright side. We're getting blue passports again. Those of us who can still afford foreign travel post Brexit that is.

Andrew Barker said...

Many thanks for another year of great blogging. Let's hope that next year will bring better news, and perhaps Leveson 2 and the introduction, at last, of section 40.

Have a great Christmas. Enjoy your rest. I look forward to more entertainment from you next year.

asquith said...

Merry Christmas, enjoy your rest & have a great 2018.

AndyC said...

Thanks for all your hard work over the year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tim for your sterling service.

To all out there interested in Trump and his Russia related problems please see the excellent twitter feed of Seth Abramson.


Seth has done sterling work joining the dots of the myriad connections and countless online articles, photos and the like from 2013 onwards that shows the clear pattern of behaviour of Trump and his gang.

Colin The Bat