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Saturday 16 December 2017

Ben Goldsmith Grenfell Smear BUSTED

Anyone who wondered whether the vicious and unpleasant side of the late and not at all lamented James Goldsmith had been passed on to his offspring has recently been put straight in very short order: first it was son Zac indulging in Islamophobic smears to try and beat Sadiq Khan to the London Mayoralty, and now son Ben has indulged in a little smearing and dishonesty of his own with the families of the Grenfell Tower victims.
Ben Goldsmith - another chip off the old block

Ben Goldsmith, who didn’t go to University after attending Eton College because he was by this time stinking rich, rolling in the inherited wealth from his father’s ill-gotten gains, claims to be an environmental campaigner, but is also a donor to the Tories, and individual candidates like Michael “Oiky” Gove. This latter-day Nigel Hyphen Hyphen Stroke Money is also adept in Labour-bashing righteous dishonesty.
So it was that he took to Twitter after the Grenfell memorial service, and the silent march through West London, to invent a totally untrue smear against the victims’ families and those supporting them, his chosen text being a Daily Mail hatchet job. The Mail had done its usual paranoid “they’re being manipulated by lefty rabble rousers” thing in order to undermine the survivors, and stiffen the sinews of its more impressionable readers.
Caring, green Ben opened proceedings with “Just had a glimpse of Corbyn’s Britain. A birthday party for my sister-in-law in Notting Hill invaded and shut down by a vicious bottle-throwing hard Leftist crowd (from the Grenfell march), because they could”. One observer was not impressed, commenting “What sort of people would hold a party in the middle of a commemorative event to remember mass deaths in a community? Weird and sinister”.
It then got worse, as another Tweeter responded “Ben, I was at this party. You left 30 mins after arriving. Quite rudely I may add, after not bringing your own bottle, having 2 goblets of champagne and calling a child an insufferable bell end”. Well, Goldsmith had not ponied up any evidence to back up his smear, so anyone could claim they were there.
So it was on to the Mail’s hatchet job for his next inspiration. Far left activists? You got it: “I saw this for myself last night. The nasty, violent, self-righteous hard Left has hijacked the Grenfell tragedy and its victims for political ends”. The push back came immediately. “This is vile. The silent walk was 100% peaceful. Were you the one disrupting survivors during speeches?” observed one Tweeter, while another ruefully noted “So much for the 'decent-green' image of the Goldsmiths”. Indeed. And there was more.
The question many were now asking was put directly: “150 witnesses, yet no photo or film is available. Can you admit you lied now, or do we have to wait for the @metpoliceuk to respond?” And the presence of some well-known obsessives supporting Goldsmith was causing concern: “Ben Goldsmith and his nasty slurs are encouraging all the filth to come out in support. Seriously sinister”. A little OTT, but not much.

James Goldsmith secured the Shit Of The Year award on at least one occasion. His equally infamous sons show every sign of continuing in that tradition.


Anonymous said...

A rat cannot change its tail.

Nor can Goldsmith.

Or the Daily Heil.

Or the Scum.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the Goldsmith funds explain Oiky Gove's recent conversion to Green issues?

Sherman said...

The "all the filth" comment is apposite, as Felicity Lowde, whose post is cited as an example of "the filth", has form (and indeed a conviction or two) for harassing victims of tragedies (Rachel North, 7/7 survivor, for example). Lowde is a conspiracy theorist, and attacks anyone who doesn't support her strange notions, regardless of whether they've suffered horrors she can't even imagine.

Shawlrat said...

Very odd that not one of the wealthy guests had a smartphone to video the proceedings.

Unknown said...

The party crew ordered drugs from north ken area like theyve always done.the dealers wanted to stay and party and we're not allowed. Only used and paid for their cocaĆ­ne weed and anything else the toffs use for theit. .We can do what we want birthday parties..

Anonymous said...

Come on they ordered drugs from north ken..The dealers wanted to party also but we're not allowed..Theye been doing it for years. Tell your coke head toffs zac..to keep north ken clean please. And not encourage toffs doing excess drugs I'm the area.