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Thursday 7 December 2017

Katie Hopkins Joins Apartheid Deniers

After she was dumped by Mail Online, an event correctly predicted and then called here on Zelo Street, and her schools speaking tour turned out to be a damp squib, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins clearly had more time on her hands. Already rejected by much of the mainstream media in the UK, she was left with the conspiracy fringe, and of course the occasional forays on to Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).
Viewers may still want to look away now

This was clearly a less than optimum prospect for an aspiring peddler of hate speech, stuck with little more than a Twitter feed and a burning hatred of anyone who was not white, or as prejudiced as she was. The screaming at Scary Muslims (tm), including the constant whining at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, was not being converted into More And Bigger Paycheques For Herself Personally Now. What to do?
But help was at hand for Hatey Katie, and in the New Year she will be off to South Africa, although, sad to say, will be in possession of a return ticket. She will also be attempting to stand up the false narrative claiming that white farmers are being murdered at an unprecedented rate, that they are being “slaughtered”, and that no-one cares. The thought that this is just more of the “Black South Africa = Bad” racist rubbish does not enter.
So off she went: “If you are a white farmer / former farmer in #SA and would be prepared to share your truths face to face - katie@katiehopkins.co.uk Jan 2018 … Thank you. I am hoping to inspire ‘real journalists’ to get off their sofa / WiFi to search for the stories that matter” she Tweeted. So what are these “stories that matter”?
Well, after advertising her recent conversation with pro-am man baby Milo Yiannopoulos to her adoring followers, Ms Hopkins explained “White farmers in #SA face an impossible future. They are rejected as asylum seekers by the west for being the wrong colour. White Farmers of #SA - please get in touch”. When did a white farmer from South Africa last claim asylum in the UK, or the Netherlands, or indeed anywhere?
But she did know it was a great problem, and she was coming to help: “Thank you for your support for my South Africa exped Jan 2018. Stop The Slaughter of the Whites. I will be with you on your farms. You are not alone”. So what is the fact of this particular matter?

This is what Africa Check had to say. “By 1994, SA’s murder numbers, according to McCafferty, had reached 25,000 a year. With a population of just under 40-million, this translated to a murder ratio of a 62.5. South Africa’s murder rate for all races peaked in the period during and following the transition to democracy”. There was more.
However, in a paper published by the Medical Research Council, crime analyst and author Antony Altbeker found that by 2003/4 the rate had fallen to less than 43 murders per 100,000. The murder rate has continued to decline since then, dropping to 30.9 for 2011/12 according to the South African Police Service Crime Statistics Overview. Significantly … it is lower than the murder rate documented in 1970 under apartheid”.

Oh, and “the increase in the white homicide rate began in the late 1970s and has remained markedly less than the increase in murder rates for all other race groups”. Then we come to the comparison of murder rates: if whites are being disproportionately murdered, then this will show up in comparatively higher murder rates. It doesn’t.
Dud story, false premise

Africa Check again: “‘Whites are far less likely to be murdered than their black or coloured counterparts,’ Lizette Lancaster, who manages the Institute for Security Studies crime and justice hub, told Africa Check. This is supported by an analysis of a national sample of 1,378 murder dockets conducted by police in 2009.  In 86.9% of the cases, the victims were Africans. Whites accounted for 1.8% of the cases (although whites make up 8.85% of the population)”. Whites are far less likely to be murdered than other groups.

Also, if the murder rate fell after 2009, as figures suggest, and the murder rate is lower than it was under apartheid, as they also suggest, then the whole pretext of Katie Hopkins’ latest jaunt is a false one. So, having spent so much time whipping up hatred by telling packs of lies, Hatey Katie is off to South Africa to do a little more of it.

And to do so, she’ll be making common cause with apartheid deniers, white supremacists, fake news pushers, media manipulators and contrarians who have difficulty with reality, and the modern world. So she’ll feel right at home, then.


Knobkerrie Neville said...

Fear not, springbok farmers: 'I will be with you on your farms'! And Milo may come too. You can sleep easy.

Has the woman no sense of the ridiculous at all?

Anonymous said...

Surely nobody thinks facts are going to make the slightest difference to that sorry excuse for a human being?

If a pig took a bite out of her it would die of poisoning.

Pavi said...

The Queen of the cockroaches
Has gone to see
If the gullible South Africans
Will pay her fee
The boorish Boers may think she's right
But they will soon learn
She's talking shite.

Thank you Hatey this will provide me with hours of endless entertainment over the festive season.

iMatt said...

Just when you think this piece of filth can sink no lower, she then surpasses herself by sinking lower than Blue Whale shit!

But then, she has nowhere else left to go. Even those in mainstream media who agree with her will be afraid to employ her due to the backlash they'll receive. So Hopkins can only pay the rent by becoming an ever more shrill parody of herself in the hope that her 'controversy' will still be profitable.