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Saturday 9 December 2017

Tommy Robinson Dislikes Law And Order

Ever vigilant against people he believes are breaking the law - or even about to break the law - is Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. Well, he’s vigilant if he believes those involved are Scary Muslims (tm), not of course that he’s racist, oh no. So when the Police got word that they had to keep tabs on a member of the public, one might have thought that he would be there cheering them on.
But that thought would have been misplaced, because, although Lennon was certainly there, he was in no mood to cheer on the cops - because the individual who they were tailing happened to be him. This changed things completely. So he was no longer urging the Police to keep an eye on potential troublemakers. And he wanted everyone to know that he was not causing trouble, so they were wasting their time.
The problem apparently began when Lennon visited Oxford, which is not exactly the nearest retail centre to where he lives, although it was another of the towns where there has been action to deal with so-called “grooming gangs”. The cops were ordered to tail him. This they did. He was not a happy bunny. “Ok so police have now been following me for hours . What a complete waste of police time & money. This is harassment”.
Turning up in Crewe on successive evenings, though, is not harassment, oh no. But he wanted everyone to know that, once again, he was the victim. “Tommy Robinson: Stalked by the Police in Oxford” he bleated. But turning up in Crewe two nights running with a film crew and trying to identify someone’s house to his followers is not stalking at all. The stench of hypocrisy was already seeping out of this one.
Then it became positively Pythonesque: “The Police today were good lads - they were just following orders from the top - but they could still appreciate how silly it was chasing us around while we went to pick up flowers”. This is like the Piranha Brothers, isn’t it? “He was a lovely man - he used to buy his mother flowers and that”. Someone who lives in Bedfordshire needs to go to Oxford to buy flowers. R-i-i-i-ight.
Still, we could see it all on video: “Today the Police stalked us for 8 hours while we picked up some flowers and went for dinner … watch the full video here” he Tweeted, although for some reason this was later deleted. And he wanted everyone to know he had support.
Ezra Levant, for one, was right behind him: “23,000 jihadis walking the streets of the UK. Terrorist plot against Theresa May. But police have been ordered to follow Tommy Robinson around”. Levant, who is so untrustworthy that anyone with brain engaged and a hole in their backside should not trust him any further than he can usefully be chucked, happens to be Lennon’s boss. Could he manage someone else?
He certainly could - Laura Loomer: “9 year old girls are getting blown up by #ISIS terrorists at pop concerts in the UK and Muslim terrorists are plotting to assassinate Theresa May, but instead of cracking down on Islamic terrorism, the UK police are stalking @TRobinsonNewEra, who is trying to save lives”. No, he’s trying to make money. And Ms Loomer is such a bigot that in New York City, both Uber and Lyft have barred her from using their services. And neither her, nor Levant, not Lennon, asks the obvious question.

What did the cops suspect he may have been doing if not watched? No pressure, now.


Anonymous said...

There was a plot to blow up no. 10, but as the police were ‘cracking down’ on Islamic terrorism it failed.

Looks like a job well done, as was tracking the far right loons if the Police had intelligence which suggested the visit to Oxford was for far more than to purchase a Poinsettia for Christmas.

Stephen said...

First he wants people to take him seriously and now he doesn't. I wish he'd make up his mind.

Anonymous said...

The reason the rozzers were spotted by Lennon is because they wanted him to spot them. One suspects that they had to try rather hard (sending a big stripey car) to make sure he did.
Message sent. Message received.

Anonymous said...

Tim, Did "Tommy Robinson" change his name by deed poll?