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Monday 11 December 2017

Nigel Farage Backs Paedophile

Whatever one’s opinion on the principles, or lack of them, espoused by former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, he does have one thing in his favour: one always knows what he thinks, and where he stands (the latter being subject to not overdoing it on the falling-over water). This can be A Very Good Thing. But it can also mean he gets caught out when he fouls up, which is not exactly uncommon.
Squeaky flawed candidate finger up the bum time

So we knew exactly what Nige thought about grown men grooming under-age girls for sexual encounters, when he told his followers “Ringleader of child sex grooming gang in Rochdale using European human rights law to stay in UK. Totally wrong”. Child sex was wrong, full stop, end of story. However, and here we encounter a significantly sized however, Farage has now tripped himself up over the same subject.
Although he has excised any mention of the event from his Twitter feed, last September Nige was in the USA, a destination he may not be so keen on visiting in the near future, and more specifically in the state of Alabama. We know this as Judge Roy Moore let his followers know “I'm honored to have the endorsement of Brexit leader @Nigel_Farage, who'll join us in Fairhope on Monday”. Moore was holding a campaign rally.

And the Guardian confirmed Farage’s involvement, noting that hewill join former White House advisor Steve Bannon and Duck Dynasty TV star Phil Robertson at an election eve rally … Moore, a fierce opponent of gay marriage who condemned ‘sodomy’ in prepared remarks in a televised debate, is in a tight race against appointed incumbent Luther Strange, for the Republican nomination for a Senate seat formerly held by Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s attorney general”. Moore won the nomination.
Judge Roy Moore

But then it all turned sour: last month the Guardian returned to the subject of Roy Moore, reporting thatIn an article published on Thursday, the Washington Post reported that Moore had inappropriate sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl in 1979 when he took her to his house and made her touch his genitals. The Alabama Republican has insisted the report is ‘fake news and intentional defamation’”. And there was more Moore.
The candidate fetched up on Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) to give an interview to slavishly loyal Trump backer and professional loudmouth Sean Hannity. As the New York Daily News observed, “Moore said he doesn’t ‘remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother,’ but admitted that he ‘dated a lot of young ladies’ when he returned from the military, though ‘not generally’ 16-or 17-year-olds”. Not generally.

Farage’s hero, Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, has now backed Moore and tried to smear his accusers. But Nigel Farage has said nothing. So it has to be assumed that he stands by his endorsement of this deeply flawed, and probably hypocritical, candidate. But then, the Rochdale grooming gang were not white. And Roy Moore definitely is.

Not that Mr Thirsty is a racist bigot, of course. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.


Anonymous said...

The USA Inc., a rogue garrison state, is lost to civilisation, never to return. If it was ever part of it.

Farage would make a perfect "citizen" thereof. If he could get a green card in the lottery. And remember to wear a tin flag lapel badge while shooting at black men, women and children. Yes, all the makings of a perfect Yank.

Go 'ed Nige. Get yer arse over there. We'll even pay your bus fare.

Anonymous said...

That image of the judge......

Looks more like Judge Roy Bean......or a classic Dixie racist. Perhaps both.