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Tuesday 19 December 2017

Godfrey Bloom SACKED By Think Tank

Former MEP Godfrey Bloom, so poisonous and prone to foot-in-mouth that he was too much even for UKIP, found himself in the news yesterday for all the wrong reasons. Today he is still in the news, and for more of the same, not that our free and fearless press appear to have latched on to the fact yet. Bloom has just been removed from one of the few prestigious posts he had managed to cling on to.
This photo has a message, and the message is IDIOT

His latest gaffe was to tell of bankers Goldman, Sachs “What better reason to vote leave than being asked to vote Remain by one of the most sinister investment banks in history, other investment bankers call it the Vampire Squid. A bank so devoid of morals even their fellow bankers noticed” and then follow that with “International Jewish bank recommends second vote & we should vote Remain”. Globalists. George Soros. Jewish Bankers.
All those substitutes for “Jews”, along with one that does away with the substitution altogether. But he wasn’t being anti-Semitic: “Pointing out Goldman Sachs is a Jewish bank as confirmed by Wikipedia makes me a NAZIS [sic] apparently … People can make their own mind up about Goldman Sachs, there is no shortage of information on them. Why do they interfere in the domestic politics of countries world wide? Why is their chief executive entering yet again the world of British politics? I merely ask the question”.

They weren’t, and he isn’t. Still, Bloom had one feather in his cap - he was honorary President and chief economist of the Ludwig von Mises centre, named after one of those in the so-called Austrian School. But there is a teensy problem here: Ludwig von Mises was Jewish. It was something not lost on the Centre’s management.
And so it came to pass that Godders, whose mugshot had previously appeared as the first entry in the list of those on the Council of the von Mises centre, yesterday vanished from that list, his place being taken by the trust’s Chairman and CEO Keir Martland. Was this a mere glitch? What had happened to The Great Man?
Yesterday - now you see him ...

The Ludwig von Mises centre has indeed removed Godfrey Bloom, and it appears his outburst yesterday, which veered over the anti-Semitism line in no style at all, is what precipitated his demise. The centre has simply told Zelo StreetThe Council of Mises UK removed Mr Bloom as Honorary President. The recent comments from Mr Bloom do not represent the views of Mises UK or any of its officers in any way”.
... and today - now you don't

Yes, making blatantly anti-Semitic remarks while in possession of the honorary Presidency of a group set up in the memory of a Jewish economist might go down so badly as to have that honorary Presidency rescinded. Who knew? Well, blundering and poisonous Godders seemingly didn’t. But now the world knows all too well.

Godfrey Bloom has, by his own hand, Bongo-Bongoed his way out of one of the few credible items in his CV. There is no finer stupidity on offer in UK politics.


Anonymous said...

But dear Godfrey is "a professor"!

How could he POSSIBLY be guilty of this charge?

deiseach said...

Oh man, I genuinely LOLed at this!

J said...

Had he been "a leftie" the press would have had a field day, screaming about anti-Semitism and the intolerant left... but when it's one of their own, a neoliberal free market anti-EU "righty", their silence is deafening.

It's the hypocritical double standards at play that really bugs me.