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Tuesday 19 December 2017

Farage Leaflet Pants On Fire

[Update at end of post]

Someone at what remains of the motley convocation of saloon bar propper-uppers otherwise known as UKIP has clearly been taken aback by the thought that, even if the UK does eventually leave the EU - something that becomes less certain with each passing day - the form of Brexit achieved may not be in accordance with the level of ideological purity that they and their fellow flat earthers have demanded.
Squeaky freeloading con artist finger up the bum time

So it was that the panic button was pressed, and households in the South-East of England, all the way West along the coast to the Brighton area, received a leaflet claiming to be in the name of Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy, the European Parliament group of which the Kippers are a major part. Whether this is an acceptable use of EU funds will no doubt become clear in due course. But the message is immediately clear.

BRITAIN UNDER THREAT … The South East voted to leave the EU. Here’s how our voice is being betrayed” it proclaims, although Brighton, where this leaflet has fetched up, voted by 68.6% to 31.4% to Remain. So what are Mr Thirsty and his pals going to do about the situation? Well, they want to pretend they’re “Standing up for the British People”, and that they have a cunning plan for the post-Brexit era.
When negotiating, you should play to your strengths” they tell, although actually turning up, which the UKIP mob habitually fail to do when it comes to the European Parliament, might be even more useful. But do go on. “Britain’s a global leader in security, counter-terrorism, research, and intelligence”. And how are those sectors going to replace finance, manufacturing, agriculture, and all the rest? Sadly, that one remain unanswered.

In any case, there is a very large biscuit to take. “WE’RE WORKING FOR YOU IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT” they claim, above photos of Farage and his pal Ray Finch, going on to tell “Working with their EFDD and UKIP colleagues, local [Farage is now based in London, so he isn’t] MEPs Nigel Farage and Ray Finch have continued to be a strong voice in the European Parliament, defending British interest and fighting for what is rightfully ours, from our sovereignty to our hard earned money”.
But don’t mention that much of that “hard-earned money” that the Kippers get their hands on goes no further than Themselves. So how hard is Nigel Farage working in the European Parliament? As if you need to ask. As the Mirror has reported, “Only one person in the EU Parliament has a worse voting record than Nigel Farage … [he] only turned up to 40.7 per cent of all possible roll-call votes between July 2014 and May 2016”.

And that “one person” who does even less well? “The 746th is Brian Crowley, a MEP in Ireland who has never voted, according to the register … A fall from a building left Mr Crowley paralysed from the waist down when he was 16 years old”. As opposed to Farage, who is only paralysed after too many visits to Brussels bars.
But give him a break - let’s see how he’s doing this week. What say Nige? “I’m live from Washington DC - is Labour is now a Remain party? #FarageOnLBC” he told yesterday.

Nigel Farage is a freeloading fraud. His latest leaflet will con no-one. End of story.

[UPDATE 20 December 0900 hours: the leaflet shown in this post should, like any political propaganda, have had what is called an imprint - the name and address of the publisher.

As can be seen, these details are not present. The Zelo Street regular who sent the copy has confirmed that there are no details missing - there is no imprint.

Therefore it appears Nigel Farage and Ray Finch, together with both UKIP and EFDD, have broken the law.

As a result, a complaint is being made to the Electoral Commission. More details on this most unfortunate omission later]


Anonymous said...

"Replace manufacturing"?

What manufacturing? The manufacturing that left and is now manufactured by cheap/slave labour in the East? The manufacturing supposedly replaced by "financial services" (read: money laundering) through London?

Shurely shome mishtake?

Anonymous said...

Brave Nigel is in Washington DC. Where his mate, the one and only, Putin's Agent Orange lives.

One wonders if brave Nigel has been having a chat with that nice Mr Mueller from the FBI.

Ferdy Fox said...

Maybe the dear Nigel thinks that turning up occasionally to shout a few insults at other MEPs whilst pocketing a nice little pay packet and pension constitutes "...a strong voice in the European Parliament...".
Or maybe he thinks that "...a strong voice..." merely refers to the volume.
What a knob....

Gonzoland said...

These EFD leaflets are being posted through letterboxes in the whole of the UK and they contain misinformation and outright lies.
Can we expect the Tory and Labour Parties to put the electorate straight on the matters of the Single Market and Chinese steel dumping etc.? Can we fuck.

Anonymous said...

Imprints are only needed on election materials. The leaflets that have been distributed are not election materials. Thousands of us are rejoicing at the arrival of the leaflets through our doors.

Anonymous said...

I am mystified as to why so many people view it as a badge of honour to make unpleasant comments about Nigel. Without having held a seat in Westminster he is the most influential politician of our age. He has worked as an LBC radio presenter for nearly a year now. Nigel will take calls from anyone, unlike some of the other LBC presenters. He is invariably polite. So why don't all of you who have nothing good to say about him, phone in to speak to him in order to make your point. However, I must warn you, that if you just phone in order to be unpleasant, and haven't researched your argument properly, Nigel will just thank you for your call, and then cut you off. That way the nation will not have to listen to your incoherent rant. Beverley (UKIP Secretary Berkshire County Committee)