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Thursday 21 December 2017

Damian Green - Got The Bastard

Ultimately, not all the whitewash in B&Q would save him: Damian Grope, Ashley Madison non-member and female party goer toucher-upper with special responsibility for legal threats has been “forced to resign”, or, to put it in plain English, sacked from the Government. That much was bad enough: what was worse was the dishonesty, the bullying, the double standards, and the execrable press behaviour.
That's right Sir, both hands where we can see them

Green claimed he had no knowledge of the porn that had been found on his workplace computer. But it was shown that he had. So we were told he had “misled” others, including the Prime Minister, rather than that he had lied to cover his tracks. He could, like Michael Fallon, have owned up and gone, saving everyone the trouble. But instead, he engaged bullying mode and retained the services of Kingsley, Napley.
The account given by Kate Maltby of Green’s “inappropriate behaviour” has been found by the inquiry into the affair to have been “plausible”, which is code for her having given an honest account of herself. For this, she was monstered and derided by the press, and particularly by the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre and his obedient hackery at the Daily Mail, who should hang their heads in shame, but aren’t big enough to do so.
Readers were served upOne very pushy lady: Kate Maltby's dad is a banker who dated Ann Widdecombe, and a family friend of the minister she accuses of touching her knee. ANDREW PIERCE profiles a woman determined to make it in politics - whatever the cost”. Where is Pierce’s apology this morning? He’s a worm. There won’t be one.

The repellent non-persona of Glenda Cattia Maxima Jan Moir, author of the infamous Stephen Gately hatchet job, told her long-suffering readersOh please, Kate, spare us the poor little me act: JAN MOIR says journalist is one of a group of young women making a big fuss about nothing very much”. She, too, won’t be saying sorry. It’s not the Mail’s way.
Even this morning, the Mail cannot resist the temptation to deflect and blame others, with its front page headline moaning “PM furious at Commons raid and Police leaks that led to his downfall … WHAT A SAD WAY TO GO”. Compare and contrast with the Guardian’sGreen sacked after admitting he lied” and the Mirror’sMAY AXES HER DEPUTY OVER PORN LIES”. It wasn’t the cops’ fault. It was Green’s. End of story.
The Dacre worms who won't be apologising - Andrew Pierce ...

There is nothing “sad” about weaselling out of doing the right thing and hoping someone will wipe your backside instead. There’s nothing honourable about retaining the services of expensive lawyers just to put the press pack off the scent. And there’s nothing remotely decent about sitting back and watching as the reputation of the young woman who had the guts to stand up and be counted is trashed by the Dacre boot boys on your behalf.
... and Jan Moir

When Damian Green got into an argument with John McDonnell on the sofa of The Andy Marr Show (tm), there were plenty in the Press Establishment tut-tutting and telling anyone who would listen that these ghastly socialists had no manners, and wasn’t it dreadful how that rotten Labour bully was showing no respect to The Great Man.

Well, now their sheer vacuity and cant lie totally discredited once again. Damian Green has behaved like a total and absolute shit. And that’s not good enough.


Ferdy Fox said...

Typical that the Maybot and the rest of this sorry shower that we spend our taxes on should be more angry with the police for exposing Green than with the man himself for lying about it.
If it had been dealt with properly in the first place, there would have been nothing to answer for and no need for a bucket and brush job.
But then, that's what defines this bunch of creeps - blame anyone who calls them out rather than the perpetrator.
Course, it would leave them a bit short of bums on seats - or whatever they put them on these days..........

Arnold said...

Green lied and he's gone. So why is David (Schroedinger’s assessments) Davis still here?

Bob said...

What seems to be conveniently overlooked is that Green brought a police investigation upon himself through his actions when in opposition by actively encouraging a civil servant in the Home Office to leak sensitive material to him. A 'threat to national security' as it was described at the time.
As for his honesty and dedication to public service, just a cursory look at his second house expense claim tells you all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

"Sad way to go"?

Oh I don't know.

I laughed me socks down. Not many "tory family values" on display as yet another far right hypocrite bites the dust.

All it needs now is for one of Dacre's cowards to be caught in flagrante and the comedy script will be complete. (Yes, I'm looking at YOU, Pierce. Or even YOU, Dacre.)

This must have a few heads wobbling in Godalming and Leatherhead.

Oh how we larfed.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

'All it needs now is for one of Dacre's cowards to be caught in flagrante....'
Sounds like a job for you, Anon 11.25. Which is it to be, Pierce or Ms Moir? Either sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

Set your satnav for Flagrante and just hope that it's not within the M25. Wouldn't want you turning into a pumpkin.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Bertie.

I wouldn't give any of them one.

Not even with yours inside the M25 ghetto. Not that they'd even notice a small event.


Nigel Stapley said...

What a shame that a political career should be so carelessly tossed away like that.

(Sorry, couldn't resist it)

Rob said...

So Theresa May will have to have a 5 knuckle reshuffle.

Sorry, couldn’t resist it either.