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Saturday 30 December 2017

Julia Hartley Dooda On Costa Moana

The hurt felt by tedious and intolerant Talk Radio host Julia Hartley Brewer when she found herself ridiculed earlier this year for having her washing machine in the kitchen - TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp had decreed this to be “disgusting” - has endured. Not even the gift of a well-remunerated article in the Super Soaraway Currant Bun whining about the Location, Location, Location star could dim the sense she was being looked down upon.
Yes thanks, we know who you are

So Ms Hartley Dooda has wasted no time taking to Twitter in order to inform anyone who will listen - so not many willing takers, then - that she is A Really Important Person. She is so important that she has done Christmas in Costa Rica. Moreover, she flew on a proper big aircraft. She booked with BA; none of this budget carrier or charter airline rubbish for her. She could hit the beach over Christmas. She was considerably wealthier than us.
But her public needed to be reminded constantly of her magnificence, so on Christmas Day, when most of us were chilling out, off she went. “It’s only 8am in Costa Rica but is there such a thing as a Christmas Mojito? Asking for a friend”. HELLO I’M IN COSTA RICA! THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT HOLIDAY!! And there was, unfortunately, more.
Hope you enjoyed your turkey with all the trimmings. It’s not even drink-without-being-judged o’clock in Costa Rica yet but, on the plus side, there’s a beach with warm water & soft sand, which kinda makes up for the lack of soggy sprouts”. I didn’t have turkey or soggy sprouts, thanks, but I also didn’t have to put up with Ms Hartley Dooda.
Sadly, rather a lot of people in Costa Rica did, hence her Twitter poll “Just back from bodyboarding in Costa Rica and a Brit Remainobore sitting behind me on the beach is loudly explaining to his friends why Brexit is awful. Should I …” Ye-e-e-e-es. Note that none of the options on offer include “listening”, “understanding the counter-argument”, “appreciating freedom of speech”, or “cutting out the gratuitous abuse”.
And talking of gratuitous abuse, she had no problem in doling some out to Jolyon Maugham, who had the audacity to question the benefits of a Press Establishment owned by non-residents, and which routinely peddles falsehood and misinformation. “Little damages our nation more than the poison and lies of the Remoanabores denying the outcome of a free & democratic vote. None has the interests of our country at heart”. But hurling abuse at those who don’t agree with her is fine. Hey ho.
So out with the abuse once more, backed up by projection this time: “Remoaners don’t ever take a day off, do they? Spouting hatred, lies and bile all day, every day of the year. Even if they’re wrong in every conceivable way, at least they’re persistent. They’re a credit to the nation to which they claim they don’t belong”. Ms Hartley Dooda describes herself very well. She’s supposed to be on an idyllic holiday. But she spends the time whining.

All of which merely goes to confirm that those ideologically wedded to the idea of Britain leaving the EU are in such an insecure and fearful state that they can’t stop banging on about the issue, even when they’re supposed to be on holiday. In a very exotic and really upmarket location. Which beats anything Kirstie Allsopp said about washing machines.

Yes, she is in COSTA RICA. Which is VERY WONDERFUL. Everybody wants to be her. She has no feelings of inferiority. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.


Unknown said...

I particularly like the name she chose for her “tax efficient” company - “Lady J Productions Ltd”.

Delusions of grandeur or what?

Simon said...

She could hear a man and his friends (plural). I thought the seats in first class were more spaced out than that. Surely a woman of her standing wasn't slumming it with the plebs?

Jonathan said...

Always puzzled by JHB & the Brexiteers, they claim they love Blighty so much they dash off to Central America to slate their fellow Brits

Jonathan said...

Free speech and democracy only apply to the Brexit bamditos if you agree with their world view. Don't know of any remained who would want to stop JHB writing her entertaining,witty and unhinged pieces of fiction for her head banging readers.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why she didn't "holiday" in Lahndan swallowing all that nice carbon monoxide or swimming in the brown/grey Thames drainage ditch or looking at the high rise shite bent architecture?

iMatt said...

Remainobore….how very mature of Hartley-Brewer. As for being proven wrong in every conceivable way, ''project fear'' is steadily becoming project fact. And spouting hatred? How she can say this when in the same Brexit camp as ukip, EDL, Britain Worst, etc is beyond me.

Arnold said...

The only place in Chez Arnold for a washing machine is in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I'm with Julia Dunning Kruger here.

Anonymous said...

Or go for the "Tube Experience" of belches, silent farts, coughs, bad breath, stale perfume and after shave, crushing, foul air, overpricing, stoney faces and groping. All in one go. What a bargain!

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Like Sara Pascoe last night on Would I Lie to You, Hartley-Rational no doubt booked Costa Rica because she thought it was in Spain (except SP was joking).

PS Glad to see you're enjoying Christmas, Anonymous!

Tim Clark said...

I am reaching the conclusion that the Brexiteeers are anticipating Brexit being abandoned in 2018. Either because it becomes obvious that it's not in the country's best interest - even to Brexiteers - or there is another General Election which Labour fight and win on a Remain ticket