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Monday 4 May 2015

Sun Pundit Harasses Teenage Girl

Just when you thought the Sun could go no lower … along comes a Sun pundit to do just that. After it was revealed by an “A” Level student called Abby, who is the custodian of the #milifandom movement, that the Super Soaraway Currant Bun had turned up not just on her doorstep, but also that of her Grandma, although their locations had not been revealed, the paper became the subject of severely adverse criticism.
Meanwhile, over in a reassuringly expensive part of Manhattan, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch had got hold of the wrong end of this particular stick and was busily beating about the bush with it. Ms Mensch is beating around that bush so hard that she has decided, rather than leaving well alone, that she is entitled to go after Abby and subject her to yet more harassment, this time of the online variety.
You think I jest? After Abby had Tweeted “I did have the Sunday Mirror knocking on my door as well - but this was several days after milifandom after my location was revealed”, off went the Sun pundit. After Peter Jukes suggested she leave Abby alone, the reply was defiant and threatening: “I read her TL and that is where I discovered that a) she'd tweeted about me hence all ppl mentioning her to me (I don't care)”.
And what did that mean? “Storified that stuff. blog later. Most interesting, finding a different girl actually started milifandom, didn't get the credit”. So that looks like a deliberate attempt to destroy Abby’s credibility, especially when Ms Mensch also told “lots and lots of claimed harassment and threats when there were none. Emperor has no clothes. Phone number tweeted. etc. Night all”. And she doesn’t care.
There were many attempts to get her to see sense, Chris Dobson’s being typical: “Jeez get a life and stop picking on teenagers. Typical Tory - pick on the poor, pick on the young”.  But Louise was not for listening - or researching: “Ever less impressive, the timeline of Milifandom campaigner reveals Sunday Mirror also knocked on her door. Wouldn't know it”. After the location became known. Is this concept difficult to understand?
The idea of leaving 17 year olds alone while they’re preparing for “A” Levels seems to be: “Finally bothered to read her TL and yep, it's chock full of all the hypocrisy we've come to expect from Labour. Bore off … turns out she had her door knocked on by the Sunday Mirror. No ‘bully’ tweets for that”. Yes, it’s a difficult concept to understand.
And, as the man said, there’s more: “in fact it's a perfect mirror of Ed's silence on Mirror hacking. Labour hypocrisy all the way … I have absolutely no, zero, respect for her double standards between Mirror and News Corp journalists; typical #Labour”. There you have it: a Murdoch pundit about to go in with both feet on a 17 year old girl, for supporting Labour.

Of course, the likes of Stig Abell, and Sun on Sunday editor Victoria Newton, could simply instruct Ms Mensch to desist. The fact that they have thus far failed to do so tells you all you need to know about the Murdoch press. They are truly an absolute shower.


Anonymous said...

I love your Terry Thomas style condemnation of the Sun. "They're an ebsolute sharr". Far, far too polite, the Sun is truly the enemy of the people.

Gareth said...

It's shortened from shower of shit.

Anonymous said...

this is why you get when you make lowering the voting age to 16 a manifesto pledge. Children, as evidenced, are not up to the public scrutiny that comes with politics and adulthood. Labour should drop this silliness and allow children to be children.

Unknown said...

I like reading your stuff, but there's something that bugs me every time I come here.

You paste the tweets directly into your article, which makes it obvious that they are real tweets and gives them some context. But then you repeat the text from those tweets, mixed in with your comments below. That means I end up reading a lot of the text twice just to make sure I don't miss anything.

Please keep on pasting in the tweets, but just add your comments below. You don't need to repeat the contents of the tweet each time.

Keep up the good work.


Ciaran Goggins said...

In a fight between Louise Mensch and Peter Jukes who would win?

Anonymous said...

^ PJ (because he'd show up)

rob said...

The journalist of course!

Ken Rayner said...

I think that's done in case the original tweets are deleted.

iODyne said...

saw Mensch's performance on Leveson enquiry panel and was not impressed* by any of it. and the invasion of this milfandom girl is proof that journos learned NOTHING from that enquiry.

* I did feel sorry for the low Mensch income which must be what prevented her from appearing so publicly with lank hair and dark roots too evident. how embarrassing.