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Wednesday 20 May 2015

Don’t Menshn Bullying

After the Guardian, Independent, and HuffPost all ran pieces telling readers of the widespread condemnation that had rained down on (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch over her pursuit of #Milifandom promoter Abby Tomlinson - a 17 year old “A” Level student - one might have thought she would stop and think. But that is not the way in her reassuringly upmarket corner of Manhattan.
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So, despite the suggestions to desist, and QC John Cooper taking a keen interest on Abby’s behalf, Ms Mensch has decided not only that she will publish an attack piece, but has also claimed that she has been forced into it by all those rotten critics. The level of projection, ignorance and dishonesty, as I’ll show, is truly staggering.
Ms Mensch started her tirade yesterday, attacking Abby, despite her asking to be left alone: “Seriously, bog off. I understand you tried to doxx a reporter by tweeting her phone number. It won't work with me … your pathetic attempts to disclaim criticism by claiming to be ‘a child’ at seventeen - yes, seventeen - won't wash … You stated you ‘founded’ #milifandom;  you didn't. Can you point me to where you credited the girl who did?
There was no doxxing (see HERE), but the accusation continued: “Also have you apologized to the reporter for doxxing her phone number? … it was *already a trending topic* when you tweeted this, your first tweet on Chloe's hashtag. Shameless … just doing a storify now it is so remarkable how you took credit for her hashtag, described yourself as ‘founder’”. Jibberish - but clearly persistent, and unwanted, bullying.
And there was more bullying: “she complained about it repeatedly but you apparently made no effort to correct - where did you credit her? … She created and founded the #milifandom ‘Abby’. Thank you. You did not. Where have you credited her? … Got to do that #bullyfanddom blog later this week - she tried to doxx a polite reporter doing her job for no reason, posted mobile no”. There was still no doxxing. But she wasn’t finished.
Now the threats: “that is the very least of my criticisms. They center on doxxing. Will write up in a blog later on”. And an attack on the HuffPost: “your report is wholly false. I don't give a monkey's what @twcuddleston is doing. I referred to the MF founder - who isn't her … I will blog this up once *her* exams are finished. And I very much look forward to doing so. Criticism is not bullying”. Someone doesn’t get it. Then came the brass neck.
Fake idea I backed down (lol) or agree that criticism is ‘bullying’ does mean I will probably have to write it today … Huffpo story is steaming pile of bollocks, and as a result, will blog up the story later today; more important work to first though”. The HuffPost made her do it! And you’ll love the coda: “I have some reporting to do today on @georgegalloway that matters. I will write piece on false ‘harassment’ claims after that”.

Not only is Ms Mensch completely in the right, she’s a real journalist! She’s also a deluded idiot who can’t take a hint. And they let her become an MP. Never forget that.

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rob said...

She was a "working" girl north of England way
Now she's a low life in the USA.
And if you don't understand that, why
She's now in Rupert's pay

Oh! The hilarity of a "reporter" who goes all the way across the Atlantic to critique on all things political UK.

Hip hip hooray
The Sun has got her hat on
And La Mensch must have her say

The comic newspaper deserves a comic turn, not sure the readers do