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Thursday 21 May 2015

Katie Hopkins - Human Rights Comedian

As Michael “Oiky” Gove surveys the potential minefield of attempting to repeal the Human Rights Act, one helpful soul out there on the right has decided to lend him a helping hand, but by doing so, has sought to trivialise the subject while showing that she is never going to be a proper comedian. Step forward occasionally professional motormouth Katie Hopkins, who wants her adoring public to know it’s all about foreigners.
Sadly, this wizard wheeze serves only to illustrate Ms Hopkins’ grotesque bigotry, as she kicks off her novelBritish Bill Of Rights” by telling “In the first of the Conservatives’ two-fingered salutes to leftards and Europe - they are scrapping the Human Rights Act”. That’s right, Katie freely uses words that really mean “retard” to describe those whose outlook on the world does not conform to her particular Weltanschauung.

But do go on: “Chris Grayling had a crack at it with an 8 page document ‘drawn up on the back of a fag packet’ according to detractors”. Just how one gets eight pages from something “drawn up on the back of a fag packet” does not occur to Ms Hopkins, but she does know that “Gove has a new and improved 40 page version ready to roll”, which would be news to “Oiky”, who, as far as is known, hasn’t made a start on his version - yet.
She also appears confused as to how due process of law works in practice, claiming “If you wish to remain in our great country, do not mutilate, rape or kill British people. Otherwise, you are going home”. She seems unaware that prison is an equal opportunity punishment, and that the “going home”, as she describes it, tends to happen only after the miscreant has served their time, or we can be sure they’ll be banged up on return.

But Katie does know that prisoners don’t really have rights, because they are “not capable of making sensible decisions”. That, as any fule kno, does not justify the withdrawal of their rights, even if it were true. The very point of universal human rights is that they apply not only to motormouths who write columns for the Sun, but also those who, as she puts it, have “a crooked hand, a brother called Mo or a sister in Lithuania with chronic acne”.

As Lord Bingham reminded his audience all those years ago, Human Rights “are protected for the benefit above all of society’s outcasts, those who need legal protection because they have no other voice – the prisoners, the mentally ill, the gipsies, the homosexuals, the immigrants, the asylum-seekers, those who are at any time the subject of public obloquy”. Or, perhaps, those who Katie Hopkins thinks undeserving.

Her fans will no doubt urge anyone not infused with mirth at a reading of her tedious screed to “lighten up”, and that “it’s only a bit of banter”, but the reality is that it’s just another example of framing the debate by suggesting that only people who talk foreign and commit crimes enjoy Human Rights - not all of us (yes, they apply to all of us). They even apply to Sun pundits and journalists, or perhaps Katie didn’t think to ask.

Even Sun pundits who call their opponents “retards”. Katie Hopkins, you’re a bellend.


rob said...

Here comes The Sun queen
Here comes the Queen Mean
She thinks she's rather magic
Most think she's rather tragic
Here comes The Sun queen

But if you think it all a bit rich
Human Rights is even for this strange bitch
If you think she's drag
You shouldn't pay for her rag
You really shouldn't be reading The Sun
It's not really all that much fun

Anonymous said...

She supports the right to life - begrudgingly.
It's a start I suppose.
Bangs head on desk.

Arnold said...

To be fair to Katie Hopkins (not easy I know), it could be read as satire. After all, if you try to restrict human rights to the British and exclude greasy foreigners, you'll end up with something similar.