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Saturday 2 May 2015

Rupa Huq Assault Approved By Tories

London’s increasingly occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson went on a walkabout yesterday in the western suburb of Acton, where he was supporting local candidate Angie Bray. Ms Bray is coming under some pressure from a spirited Labour campaign led by challenger Rupa Huq, who intercepted Bozza during his further attempt to meet his less than adoring public. Cameras were in attendance.
Caught on camera, chaps? Yikes readers!

That is important, as the disgraceful scenes that followed were swiftly broadcast across a variety of platforms: Ms Huq confronted Bozza, who later claimed not to know who she was (yes, he went to support Angie Bray but someone didn’t mug up on her closest challenger). The Labour candidate was then manhandled by one of the Tory team before having a bunch of leaflets shoved in her face by another.
Caught on camera indeed, Bozza

While Bozza was doing his customary “yikes readers” and “oo-er chaps”, Laurence at Political Scrapbook had identified the bloke doing the manhandling as Karim Sacoor, and the leaflet-waver as a Tory Councillor, Seema Kumar. What was also revealed was that Ms Bray could be seen in the background of one photograph, happily looking on as Sacoor grabs Ms Huq’s left arm to make it look as if she is holding a Tory placard.
Karim Sacoor (left) clearly part of Tories' group

What Scrapbook may not have known is that Angie Bray has signalled her endorsement of both Sacoor and Ms Kumar on her own Twitter feed, and by doing so has strengthened the suggestion that Sacoor was “marshalling” Bozza’s appearance. He can clearly be seen at left of the photo, taken with the King’s Head pub in the background, and wearing a Tory Party rosette - which means he’s part of the group escorting Bozza.
Ditto Seema Kumar (behind camera)

The next photo, apart from showing that Ms Bray is wearing strides which do not have a volume control, also suggests that Ms Kumar is part of the group - her face is obscured by the cameraman’s mic, but her outfit matches other photos of her, and she’s holding the clutch of leaflets which were then shoved into Ms Huq’s face. The Labour candidate has not been backward in coming forward to demand an apology.
Better late than never

Boris Johnson and his team owe me an apology – it’s about the example politicians like him set to people, particularly around how women are treated.  If figures like Boris Johnson want to engage with voters, they can’t react to questioning by manhandling people. You wouldn’t accept it in other walks of life, and people expect better from the Mayor of London” she told. So how about it, Bozza?

Sadly, Bozza was too busy bumbling along while grunting “cripes readers”, but Angie Bray realised the seriousness of the situation: “it was unfortunately inexcusable even in heat of the moment and I have told him [Sacoor] to step down from my team. We apologize to Rupa”. Nothing about Ms Kumar, and no explanation of why she found it so funny at the time. And it may not wash with the Metropolitan Police.

Did Angie Bray only apologise because it all got caught on stills camera and video? You might wish to ask that. I couldn’t possibly comment.

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Unknown said...

One interesting sideshow to the Huq/Bray battle (which is much closer than anyone realises and not really callable in advance) is that the winner gets the dubious pleasure of representing one T. Young, esq.