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Thursday 21 May 2015

Sun Pundit Continues Teen Obsession

As I noted yesterday, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch has declined to take the hint and desist from her pursuit of 17 year old Abby Tomlinson, who popularised the #Milifandom hashtag, despite being subjected to severely adverse comment, and told that her target is in the midst of her exams. The impression is given that Ms Mensch is becoming obsessed with her pursuit.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

That impression was only reinforced when, yesterday, she announced to the world - whether it wanted to receive the news or not - that not only was she not going to drop this particular bone, she was also going to post a blog on it. The over-long, rambling, self-pitying, projection-laden and victimhood-playing result can be read HERE. For those who don’t want to lose too much of their lives, I will summarise rather more concisely.

After establishing that she is going to refer to her target as “Ms Cuddleston”, because “I do not care who she is or what her real name is”, Ms Mensch tells that “bullying is always a scourge, and always wrong”, and then does just that. She justifies her apologia in the middle of Abby’s exams with “I was planning to wait to write this piece, but even saying that I planned to wait encouraged a round of left-wing pieces”.

Yes, it’s the rotten lefties’ fault! They made her do it!! Then, after stressing “Ms. Cuddleston was not bullied by me”, she sets out on a long yet highly selective journey in which everything is, to no surprise at all, someone else’s fault. Her attempt to smear #Milifandom as being a Labour Party plant, rather than spontaneous, is met with faux outrage that people on Twitter could suggest such things.

Ms Mensch was being accused of bullying. She found this “wearisome”, while admitting she had suggested that not only was the Labour Party operation running #Milifandom, but that someone was lying about it. Happily, she is able to get readers to “look over there” at her pursuit of now-former Respect MP George Galloway. In this way, perhaps she expects us to think her pursuit of Abby is equally heroic - which it is not.

Then, after whining how she had been “utterly bombarded” by adverse Twitter comment, and yet more tiresome pedantry over what constitutes a child, and what makes someone an adult, comes her accusation that “Cuddleston displayed extraordinary hypocrisy as she twice doxxed a reporter”. There was no doxxing, and if Ms Mensch has difficulty with understanding that, she should not be shooting her mouth off about it in the first place.

Finally, after making the seemingly obligatory mental health reference, losing it with author and playwright Peter Jukes (see his take HERE), and praising those in the press who think her behaviour is fine - that would be all too many of them, sadly - Ms Mensch informs her adoring public that she has closed comments on the post. This, too, is someone else’s fault: she has been forced to do it, you understand.

Thus what remained of Louise Mensch’s reputation has been shredded, and, should the paper retain her services after this outburst, so will that of the Murdoch press. Nothing, but nothing, but NOTHING, justifies this disturbing obsession. And they let her become an MP.


Anonymous said...

"Alice laughed: "There's no use trying," she said; "one can't believe impossible things."
"I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Alice in Wonderland

Whereas la Mensch is unfailingly monomaniac.

rob said...

Don't cry
Don't raise a sigh
It's all a teenage obsession

Louise, take a stand
Take yourself in hand
Put out that fire
And try not to smoulder
The ending is getting near
Rupert won't waste a tear
Synthetic loss of face
Never courted that much favour

Teenage obsessions
It's all a teenage obsession
You're a waster!

Shawlrat said...

Both she and la Hopkins are seriously disturbed. Maybe leave them in a room together?

Pam Smith said...

She closed comments and complained about people arguing with her about it on Twitter? Says it all, really.

Have to say there's a sense of irony about her going for Galloway, as she's been sounding more and more like him in her exchanges with Abby Tomlinson, the vague threats and the vainglorious self identification as a fearless campaigner.