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Wednesday 18 February 2015

UKIP - Propaganda Arm Busted

[Update at end of post]

Being a supporter of Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his fellow saloon bar propper-uppers at UKIP means, it seems, being unable to take anything that looks like criticism without resorting to forthright dishonesty. This can be seen clearly in the response of Bloggers 4 UKIP, which claims to be “The independent voice of the UK Independence Party” to the Channel 4 docu-drama UKIP: The First Hundred Days.
Squeaky paranoid dishonesty finger up the bum time

The scale of this dishonesty is staggering; to lie on this scale suggests a combination of blind faith and disregard for reality far beyond even the worst excesses of the Fourth Estate. Consider this paragraph - and the actual facts.

Channel 4 have openly admitted to the programme being biased [not true] and says that they have no obligation - even as a taxpayer-funded [Channel 4 is not taxpayer-funded] public service broadcaster - to show balance until the restricted period for the election starts in May [it starts in March]. Not that balance is anything Channel 4 could be accused of, of course - they aren't just funded by the UK taxpayer [they aren’t funded by the UK taxpayer at all], they're also funded by the EU [they aren’t funded by the EU, either] and an active member of the European Broadcasting Union, the EU quango [the EBU has no connection to the EU] responsible for the farcical Eurovision Song Contest. Nor could you expect balance from RAW who are funded by Creative Europe [there is no evidence to back up this assertion], part of the EU Commission [Creative Europe is not part of an ‘EU Commission’, mainly because there is no such thing as an ‘EU Commission’]“. See also HERE and HERE.

And, as the man said, there’s more. It is claimed that “Channel 4 refused to let UKIP see this programme in advance”. The reality is thatFarage had been invited to watch it before it was broadcast and then to do an interview afterwards but he declined”. Anyone still reading is told “Channel 4 is part funded by the BBC television tax”, which it is not.

Both Channel 4 and the BBC are described as “liberal left wing to the core”, and readers are told that these organisations are home to “public school education [sic], Guardian reading vegans”, which will be news to all those who supply catering to them. Having dispensed its falsehood, the post concludes threateningly “Perhaps UKIP needs to extend its scrutiny of the BBC to Channel 4 when formulating policy on the TV licence and the future of state broadcasters”.

As Channel 4 is not a “state broadcaster”, that kind of threat is irrelevant, as UKIP is increasingly becoming, with its poll ratings steadily falling. What the Kippers’ propaganda arm will do when the General Election campaign turns serious, and it really does get dirty, can only be imagined. Perhaps Bloggers 4 UKIP will spontaneously combust under the combination of paranoia and prejudice.

Now that could be worth waiting for - unlike the content of its outbursts.

[UPDATE 19 February 0940 hours: as can be seen in the comments, one Stuart Parr, who is a councillor in the Telford area, has taken grave exception to this post and told me that an apology is required.

Sadly for him, the Bloggers 4 Ukip hatchet job which he cites is so laughably amateurish that there will be no apology, merely the sound of derisive laughter.

That post alleges that I am known to the Police - which would be news to both them, and me - then proceeds to further allege that I have been involved in stalking and harassment (both untrue, and equally defamatory), and alleges that I had a dispute with the editors of the Spectator magazine.

There is only one editor of the Spectator, Fraser Nelson, and he and I have never had a dispute.

But when Parr - I assume it is he behind the latest Bloggers 4 Ukip pack of lies - then uses David Icke's website as a reliable citation, he really does sell the pass.

Stuart Parr can shove his demand for an apology. He would be better advised getting help for the advanced state of Euro-paranoia which he demonstrates. Zelo Street will continue to pass comment on the Kippers, whether they like it or not]


Anonymous said...

Of the bodies mentioned in the article the only one funded directly by the EU is UKIP, as a result of their barefaced flouting of European Parliament party-funding rules. The kippers take as much money as they can get their grubby mitts on from the European Parliament and then use it as a cash-cow to fund their party in the UK.

Anonymous said...

also, when iy comes to transparency of all those think tanks espousing anti-european "research", here is a study on their funding transparency


wonkotsane said...

Apology required, Tim ...


Tim Fenton said...


Your highly entertaining - and defamatory - post only goes to show the intellectual deficit on Planet UKIP.

I am not known to the Police, have never had a dispute with the Spectator, and if the best you can do is quote from David Icke's website, that merely underscores your detachment from reality.

Bot good to see that UKIP smears and lies before engaging. You make my case for me.

Neil said...

Ref: Pic of the Zelo St blog on the bloggers4ukip aite: Tim Fenton is actually Jimmy Somerville. Who knew?

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Is this, perchance, the same Stuart Parr who effortlessly leaped from being all Lib Dem to being a cheerleader for the EDL? Sadly, the text of that has disappeared, and his The Insane Ramblings of Wonko the Sane blog now returns a 404 notification. On the other hand, the essential drivel is preserved by Junius on UKIP

Anonymous said...

A curiously authoritarian stance from the allegedly "libertarian" party that proclaims itself a supporter of free speech. It seems the more UKIP come under criticism the more they show their true colours.

Keep up the good work Tim

Greg_L-W. said...


for the record Stuart Parr has a long and consistent record of vituperative corrupt and dishonest postings and to be fair to Ukip he has never risen above being one of their candidates when scraping the barrel for Town Councillors.

You will note that Ukip's cult followers are of a staggeringly low caliber even amongst the dross they have as MEPs.

The greatest problem they have and why Ukip are more an embarrassment than an asset to the EUroSceptic movement is their intellectual dirth, lack of gravitas and propensity for dishonesty, inaccuracy and self serving populist band wagon jumping.

For a huge amount of further proven facts do visit my Ukip-vs-EUkip.com web site.


Greg_L-W. said...


'Anonymous' glibly uses the word 'Libertarian' in relation to Ukip - They are NOT Libertarian as a party they are a one man cult centrally controlled in an authoritarian manner by Nigel Farage - who makes absolutely all appointments of any consequence.

Ukip has little understanding of Libertarian and have seemingly ditched it for more libertine behaviour.

Whilst on the subject of 'Libertarian':
A young lad proclaimed to his mother he was going to be a Libertarian when he grew up.
Moth4r having rather more experience replied 'Werll you can't do both'!