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Friday 20 February 2015

UKIP - One Under Parr

Following my passing adverse comment on Bloggers 4 UKIP, and the highly personal and cheerfully defamatory response from one Stuart Parr, Zelo Street has been looking a little more closely at this individual and his not always savoury pronouncements. And the conclusion has to be that the person who described Parr as “councillor, former Lib Dem supporter, and twat” was suffering from a case of severe understatement.
Parr is only moderately bonkers on subjects like HS2, where he has told his adoring public that “The Technical Director of HS2, Andrew McNaughton, has confirmed that direct rail connections to London on the West Coast Main Line will be reduced”. Sadly, his obedient support of this week’s UKIP railway policy links to the Stop HS2 site run by Joe Rukin, who has been caught with pants on fire by Paul Bigland.

Parr says of HS2 “the UK leg of the European Integrated Network to give it its proper name”. That would be difficult, considering it would not, at least at first, be connected to HS1 and therefore not connected to any European network. Does he subscribe to the idea that the EU is forcing us to build it? After all, once you’ve swallowed some of the Kipper Kool-Aid, you might as well finish the bottle.

But it is on his apparent sympathy for the far-right where Parr gives the impression of being even more embarrassing to Nigel “Thirsty” Farage than the average Kipper. He recently upbraided the BBC for allegedly referring to the EDL as “far-right”: “the EDL is not a political party, nor is it a political organisation.  It has no political ideology at all and campaigns only against Islamification and unfettered immigration” he asserted.

He also demanded to know “Why do you mis-label left wing organisations such as the BNP as ‘far right”” before losing it altogether and wibbling “I appreciate that the BBC is awash with Guardian-reading communists”. But it is his commentary on followers of The Prophet where Parr really loses the plot, and this, together with apparent sympathy for both the EDL and BNP, once again reflects poorly on UKIP.

In a post titledSchools advised to cancel swimming lessons for Ramadan”, he concludes “Despite the best efforts of some, the muslim breeding programme hasn’t yet provided a majority muslim population in England and until it does there is no reason why the lives of so many people should be disrupted to accommodate the religious choices of a minority of the population”. You read that right.

On top of all that, Parr, in the days before he got the Kipper habit, described UKIP propaganda asthe usual inconsistent xenophobic crap … stops me from taking UKIP seriously at all”. So he says UKIP literature is crap, sympathises with the BNP and EDL, and talks of a “Muslim breeding programme”. He is still allowed to stand for elective office under the UKIP banner. And some Kippers wonder why they don’t get taken seriously.

Stuart Parr is a joke. As such, he’s an ideal UKIP activist.


Darren said...

If he considers the BNP to be left-wing, how right-wing does he think UKIP is?

Darren said...

Although I always got left and right mixed up. Then I turned six.