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Monday 9 February 2015

Mad Mel’s Israel Paranoia

While most political analysis in the UK has turned its attention on to May’s General Election, and what foreign policy attention that remains is focused on ISIS (or whatever they’re called this week), Ukraine, and perhaps conflicts in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa, there is another election campaign gathering momentum - in Israel. Binyamin Netenyahu would very much like to continue as Prime Minister.
Definitely not even slightly fair and balanced

But here a problem enters: Israel is going nowhere fast under his faux hard-man leadership. The intervention in Gaza just sprayed his international credit up the wall, his grandstanding in Paris recently - complete with poorly-concealed body armour and an entourage of six bodyguards - did not impress his hosts, who didn’t want him to come in the first place, and the Israeli economy is performing poorly.
So what better than a short, sharp course in getting anyone prepared to listen to “look over there”? Never mind that Israel needs a Ben Gurion but has to put up instead with a buffoon like Netenyahu, Melanie “not just Barking but halfway to Upminster” Phillips is on the case, but God Only Knows what it’s a case of. “Forget row over Netenyahu Congress invite. Real issue is stopping Iranian threat to world” she declared. Is she for real?
What Iranian threat? They aren’t the ones who precipitated the rise of ISIS, and if she means having The Bomb, they don’t, and have signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. Israel, on the other hand, does have The Bomb and hasn’t signed. But Iran it is - and Barack Obama. “Devastating with clear ring of truth: Obama’s secret 6 year strategy of appeasing Iran ‘incl exploiting terror rise’”. Yeah, right.
This is a combination of promoting paranoia, and Mel exhibiting it herself, as witness the next ripe morsel. “Row over Netenyahu addressing Congress illustrates Obama doctrine: Israel’s enemy is my friend”. And to that I call bullshit: Barack Obama has continued to give military aid to Israel; the latest US technology has been made available to the IDF. And the row over the Congress invite does not include The Prez.
Yet still she maintains the pretence. “As Obama threatens Netenyahu in hissy fit, catastrophic deal with Iran remains on the cards”. And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here. One, Barack Obama is the leader of the world’s only Superpower. If anyone is throwing a hissy fit, it isn’t him. And two, making peace may not satisfy the Islamophobic bloodlust of Mad Mel, but it is superior to more conflict.
This “Scary Muslims” panic from Mel can be seen as she asks “Is Jordan’s King at risk from Islamists he fostered?” Her talking head suggests the Muslim Brotherhood is about to take over in Amman. Seriously. That is so stupid a suggestion that any rational being would tell whoever suggested it to go away and have a lie down. But for Melanie Phillips, this passes as plausible and rational. As does Netenyahu as a credible leader.

Israelis are appallingly served on both leadership and punditry. They have my sympathies.

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Rob said...

Mel obviously doesn't realise that ISIS are Wahabbi Sunni Islam while the Iranians, of course, are Shia.

ISIS are engaged in ethnic cleansing of Shias in areas where they are in control, the Iranians are more likely to want to join with the West and hammer them.

Then again the Israelis don't seem to be too concerned about ISIS, they'd much rather get shot of Assad.