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Wednesday 5 March 2014

UKIP – Hoaxed Too Easily

The disciples of Nigel “Thirsty” Farage at UKIP have been disowning all sorts of stuff of late, not least their entire election manifesto from 2010, which Farage gave his seal of approval at the time, only to read it recently and find that he now believed something else entirely. So perhaps it should surprise no-one that the Kippers aren’t too sure what already belongs to them.
To illustrate the sheer cluelessness of UKIP right now, let us mosey over to Chester, where Zelo Street regular Stephen Slack looked at the local Farage fringe Twitter feed and was less than impressed. “Look at the state of this lot” he remarked, having looked in on the background photo which shows a group of activists looking not exactly relaxed and enthusiastic.
This observation was picked up by a Tweeter known as Hubert Pintporter (I know, I know, is this person known to me? You might wish to ask that – I couldn’t possibly comment) who managed to extract the background photo and create a narrative to go with it. This pretended that the image was from the previous day – it most certainly wasn’t – and was of UKIP’s youth wing.
Yes, “Thirsty” and his pals are all about getting down with the yoof – or as many of them as they can persuade to join their motley convocation of saloon bar propper-uppers. “A group of Chester @YIofficial members out leafleting in Chester yesterday #TeamWork #UKIP” proclaimed the Tweet. Someone at Young Independence then showed they hadn’t bothered to check.
It should not have been too challenging to phone the local party in Chester and check out the photo. But no, Young Independence had taken the bait and were landed in one: “Hi, is it okay if we could use that picture on our website? Thanks if so!” came the response. How the heck would he know? That would be UKIP’s business BECAUSE IT’S THEIR SODDING PHOTO IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Yes, UKIP’s youth wing has been suckered into asking someone who they wouldn’t know from Adam if they can use their own photo on their website. What a bunch of complete morons. The future of UKIP? Without “Thirsty”, and without any common sense coming through from the younger end of the party, probably not much. Not for a party that wants to play with the big boys.

Nigel Farage, your boys took one hell of a beating.

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