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Friday 7 March 2014

Gove Polecats Out To Lunch

All is not well for Michael “Oiky” Gove and his retinue of polecats, as they discover that drenching their opponents in abuse does not persuade the judiciary to favour them in a court of law, hence the NUT tellingSecretary of State Withdraws Appeal Against High Court Injunction in Respect of The Warren School” earlier today. Gove and Co had tried to force this school to become an academy.
Yes, "Oiky", your polecats

The DfE had previously experienced little resistance to the forced academisation: indeed, the NUT press release observed that “This is a significant development and the first legal brake that has been applied to the DfE’s undemocratic forced academy agenda”. What to do? There was only one answer: fire up the @toryeducation Twitter feed and dispense a bit more abuse.
This would make smoke and confuse the enemy – or so it might have been thought. Instead, it shows that whoever is working the account right now is not dealing from a full deck. “[Chris Keates] is running from strikes as fast as she can, eh [Martin Powell-Davies]?! And working with DfE to screw NUT!” it wibbled as it returned to life. Few people noticed. Even less cared to decipher it.
Still, if at first you don’t succeed, eh? “Anyone confused about [Chris Keates] / [Christine Blower] / [Martin Powell-Davies] relationship, this explains it” was the next offering, and the pattern was established: kick the unions, pretend they’re divided, tell everyone you’re “winning” (what? Best not ask), and whatever you do, don’t mention that legal climbdown over the school in Chadwell Heath.
Alternatively, the “look over there” could be directed at a Labour MP: “Anyone seen [Kevin Brennan] recently? Rumours he’s holed up with bootleg of True Detective. Come on lazybones, put the TH voodoo doll down”. Anyone know what is being blathered on about? They sup some strong stuff around that part of Westminster. Perhaps someone’s been on the ESB early doors.
Then, between bevvies, it was back to tweaking the unions: “So [Martin Powell-Davies] was right all along! Make him leader NUT, [you] need ideological consistency to achieve revolutionary action, right [Ruth Serwotka]?”, this from someone whose “ideological consistency” has so far demonstrated the texture of lumpy gravy. Plus nobody was listening.
Go on, one last push: “‘I love it when a plan comes together’, Hannibal, A-Team. We [sic] still winning”. What plan might that be, Dom and Hen? To get aled up early in the day to numb the pain of another failure? To shout “coo-ee, look at us” to distract from all those millions of taxpayer funds being sprayed up the wall on schools that aren’t needed, with regular changes of heads, and dodgy curricula?

If only all that effort being dedicated to abuse were actually directed to education.

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SteveHolmes11 said...

These lads deal only in abuse. They're too dim for education, and have nothing to contribute to our children's future.