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Sunday 18 March 2012

It Was Three Years Ago Today

Or was it yesterday? These are inevitably inexact occasions, but what is known is that mid-March 2009 saw the first post on Zelo Street. So this blog is now celebrating its third birthday. As Winshton once said, we may allow ourselves a brief period of celebration. But only a brief one, mind: there will be more postings coming up during the day.

During the past year, the traffic on the blog has increased more than fourfold, and postings have come from London, Milan, Lisbon and Madrid, as well as Crewe. Regulars have had some exclusives to read, and over the next year there will be more – hopefully many more.

Alongside these will be the continued filleting of dubiously sourced copy from those who scrabble around the dunghill that is Grubstreet, further examination of all those Astroturf lobby groups attempting to feed their particular brand of poison into the body politic, and regular skewering of the blogosphere’s more pretentious side.

In retaliation there will doubtless be the inevitable smears and attacks, which will serve only to show up those making them for the fools that they so clearly are. After all, this is a blog that not only retains its sense of humour, but also is not going to be put off saying what it thinks, when it wishes, and about whom it wants.

So no change there, then. And, as ever, on with the blogging!

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