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Wednesday 15 June 2011

Weiner’s Wiener Fallout Continues

As I discussed recently, Rep. Anthony Weiner, who sits for New York’s ninth Congressional District, may not have done anything illegal, but he did send a variety of variously explicit photos of himself, or parts of himself, to a number of female admirers who he’d been chatting with over Twitter.

And the demands for Weiner to go have continued, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi joining in this week. Moreover, those Twitter conversations have been providing a rich seam of comedy for folks like Bill Maher, whose HBO show Real Time has featured a reading of them.

What the Maher show has demonstrated is that the Twitter conversations were every bit as explicit as the photo that Andrew Breitbart said he wasn’t going to release, but somehow released anyway. Maher has guested on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and has also concluded that Weiner should go.

Why? Maher put it plainly: “this is how it works in America. When you do something unspeakable, you know, like be horny, you have to go away”. His suggestion was that Weiner would be largely forgotten soon afterward, and could then make a comeback, because everybody loves comebacks.

The video of the interview contains an extract from one of Weiner’s conversations: I had to admit, on hearing what was being said and that it wasn’t a one-on-one, that the Congressman has been even more stupid than I first thought. Worth a listen.

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