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Tuesday 21 June 2011

More In Sorrow Than In Anger – 2

Those wondering why Tory MP Nadine Dorries appears to believe that attacking the serially tenacious Tim Ireland in the way I noted yesterday is fine may not be aware that a number of supposed worthies within the right leaning part of the blogosphere are always ready to lend support and encouragement to her.

Always ready to spin in Dorries’ direction are the less than dynamic duo of Paul Staines and his tame gofer Henry Cole at the Guido Fawkes blog. The almost craven manner in which they reported the to and fro of argument after Dorries crossed swords with her new partner’s former wife stands in stark contrast to the uninhibited way in which they have pursued other politicians.

But then, Staines and Tim Ireland have what might be called “previous”: Ireland was there in court when Staines received his second drink driving ban (three years’ worth), together with an eighteen month supervision order and a three month night-time curfew. Those in the Greater London area who are out and about on the roads of an evening might note that the Staines ban expired last month.

Cole has also been busy smearing Ireland, attempting to equate the number of times the Bloggerheads blog mentions Dorries with some kind of harassment. Young Henry might like to explain why I mention the legendarily foul mouthed editor of the Daily Mail and his variety of dubiously talented hacks as frequently as I do, while not being interested in being within a hundred miles of the SOBs.

But pride of place in the ranks of Dorries’ blogging supporters, although he’s scaled back his activity of late, is Iain Dale. The Dale blog was the first I looked over before starting Zelo Street. His contribution to the UK blogosphere has been significant and should not be denigrated. He’s worked hard, and got on both in business and in the media arena. And yet, and yet.

For someone who is as ready as the rest of the pack to dish it out, Dale is surprisingly thin skinned. He’s too ready to spin for Dorries, although she is a friend and it’s understandable. He’s another of those who drink from the well of BBC exposure while shamelessly putting the boot in to the corporation whenever the opportunity presents itself.

And Dale, like Dorries, has tried to smear Tim Ireland as a “stalker”. Thus the problem: when she sees Dale, Staines and Cole laying into Ireland, that sends a very powerful and tempting message – that this kind of action is fine. It’s enforcement of group norms by proxy, if you will. The problem for Dorries is that she is an MP, and would be best advised thinking twice before jumping into the gutter.

[I was going to mention Phil Hendren, but he wasn’t worth the trouble]

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