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Wednesday 8 June 2011

They Deserve Each Other

Occasional observers of the right leaning part of the US media may look briefly at the participants, see singularly unsavoury characters like Rush Limbaugh, professional loudmouths like Sean Hannity, and would-be prophets like Glenn Beck, and conclude that this a male dominated area.

But that would be to reckon without Ann Coulter. Annie, who as far as is known has not visited the UK yet, likes to pack her piece with her wherever she goes. She’s hot on the Second Amendment. She’s loud and brash. And she manages to resolve all of her country’s ills by dumping them on those hated Liberals.

Coulter has just guested on the all-new CNN Percy Moron Show, hosted by Piers “Morgan” Moron, who now spends most of his time in the USA, to the great relief of many in the UK. It would be hard to think of two other people who so thoroughly deserve one another’s company.

But, despite Moron and Coulter never normally being stuck for words, the encounter went briefly quiet as Percy tried to get Annie to talk about herself. Coulter doesn’t do private life. She excused herself with the “stalker” get-out clause, which caused the thought to enter that at least one female MP is a Coulter fan.

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