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Saturday 4 June 2011

The Real Times Higher Education

As regular visitors to Zelo Street will know, this blog likes to do informative and even educational features from time to time. But thus far there has been no coherent titling of these posts, and so I decided to apply some thought to the matter.

Any title had to reflect the up-to-date nature of what was being presented, so what better word than Times? It’s a sign of the times, we live in momentous times, there are times for all manner of subjects to be aired and discussed, that sort of thing.

Moreover, this all leads to a Higher purpose, so that’s another keyword. Where does this all lead? An Education, that’s where. So the title Times Higher Education was easily decided upon.

And my Times Higher Education will be a completely different kind of education to that formal and stuffy business that comes out of some former Murdoch sideshow also called Times Higher Education. So that won’t be a problem.

But what will be a problem is that I’ve been beaten to it by Justin McKeating of Chicken Yogurt fame. Damn and blast, as the man said in Monte Carlo Or Bust. What to do? Ah well. A solution is at hand.

To differentiate my Times Higher Education from whatever Justin is doing, I’ve added the prefix “Real”. That’s Spanish for “Royal”, just to show the elegant, laid back and rather upmarket nature of my offering.

So there it is: The Real Times Higher Education. Totally unique, not like anything on any other part of the web, and only on Zelo Street.

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Disabled Colleges said...

Sounds very interesting. Looking forward to reading more!