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Friday 3 June 2011

Mail Judgment – But Maybe Only Temporary

The obedient hackery of the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre wants its readership to know that it does not approve of racism, sexism, and bad language. So in a story under the by-line of yet another “Daily Mail Reporter”, a carpeting has duly been given to former head teacher Simon Parker, who was apparently guilty of all of those.

But then, the thought enters that all of those attributes can be applied to at least one hack in the pay of the Daily Mail. For starters, who was it who saidpatronising ... women is the only way to deal with them”, that a senior Labour MP “scrubs up quite nicely”, and called MPs like Angela Eagle “self-righteous munters”? Whoever wrote all of that might not be welcome in Dacreland.

And the same could be said, therefore, of whoever talked ofToytown jihadists”, “martyr’s paradise of Luton”, and “a hostile Muslim monoculture” in northern England. And whoever wrote of “Militant Muslims attempting to establish a Sharia state in East London” would clearly be persona non grata. And asserting that a Muslim exercising his right to free speech should be rewarded with “orange jumpsuits, armed guards, razor-wire and large dogs” would be career ending.

Then there’s the bad language: that would exclude anyone who said of our Prime Minister that “We shouldn’t have to give him our effing money, so that he can give it to effing nuclear powers like India”. So any contributor to the Daily Mail doing all of that would not be writing a Friday column, then.

And, d’you know something, that’s exactly right – today the usual Friday rant from Richard Littlejohn is absent.

Now fancy that!

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