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Monday 15 June 2020

Tough Sentences Confuse Dan Hodges

Saturday’s supposed protests in London have returned to the news front today after it was revealed that the prize specimen caught on camera having a slash next to the memorial to PC Keith Palmer, 28-year-old Andrew Banks, had owned up to the deed after his father had “confronted” him, had been nicked on suspicion of “outraging public decency”, and duly sentenced. He has been jailed for fourteen days.
He's desperate, Dan

This chain of events has duly come to the attention of the Mail on Sunday’s not even slightly celebrated blues artiste Whinging Dan Hodges, who has given the impression that he is all in favour of a bit of the old punishment-post-crime, only to have serious reservations when the punishment actually gets meted out.
And he clearly believes that shadow justice secretary David Lammy is on his wavelength. “I think now the pressure to pander to to the Corbynites has gone [David Lemmy] is going to emerge as a serious political figure within Labour”. He always has been. But do go on.
And on he went, to the familiar Hodges mode of “knowing what those in Government are really thinking”, as he pontificated “It's clear No.10 want the statues debate. They think it's a battle in the culture war they can easily win. Which should give those promoting this agenda pause for thought. But probably won’t”. Which means what, exactly?
He should have thought about that, and what Wes Streeting meant when he said (and Hodges RTd it) “[David Lammy] absolutely outstanding on [Radio 4 Today]. An excoriating run through of reviews and recommendations that already exist and need to be implemented. ‘The time for review is over and the time for action is now’”.
Lammy had pointed out yesterday on The Andy Marr Show™ that it is already possible to send someone down for up to 10 years for criminal damage. What was that about the “statues debate”? Now add that to Hodges’ next observation. “‘Banks said he didn't know what the memorial was for, he had drunk 16 pints on an all-night bender before protests & had attended to “defend statues" but wasn't sure which ones’. The pride of Britain”.
Then Banks was given a custodial sentence and Hodges revealed that he was of less than perfect courage. “Judge in the Andrew Banks case. ‘The public have been truly outraged by what you did’. I'm not really sure that's a sound basis for sentencing policy”. He was reminded that this was “outraging public decency”, which appears to have happened. His response? “I still think we're on a slippery slope here”. And it got worse.
First, he was reminded of the offence, responding “But how do we judge that” (the question marks still aren’t making it). He could always ask to see a copy of the judgment (pundit on six-figure wedge has to be told stuff this basic). And then came the regret.
Both Government and Official Opposition are united in calling for 10 year sentences for defacing memorials. So let's not pretend Banks sentence is some weird aberration. This is the ‘new normal’. And it might be worth taking a step back and discussing if we really want it to be”. YOU JUST PRAISED DAVID LAMMY, WHO TOLD YOU THAT SENTENCE WAS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS. YOU RTd “THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW”.

The one thing you have to understand about Dan Hodges is that he doesn’t understand.
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Anonymous said...

I agree with every word Mr Hodges wrote. A sensible level headed view unlike some of his critics. Credit to the "scum" for handing himself in, perhaps the "protester/campaigner" who hospitalised a female police officer by throwing a bike at her horse would care to do the decent thing and own up and take their punishment like a man.

Actually a hefty fine would have been a better punishment and would have benefited society in general.

Citizen of Gammonstan said...

A more appropriate punishment to fit his crime would have been for the court to order his name to be changed to Jimmy Riddle.

grim northerner said...

Urine a lot of trouble.

grim northerner said...

But whatabout the nasty black people. Whatabout whatabout whatabout your latent racism.

Anonymous said...

The only thing to remember about far right Hodges is that he's an utter fucking moron.

And go from there.

Jonathan said...

Odd how no bike was thrown at the female officer on horseback last week, it was a freak accident.

But as it's BLM with those metropolitan 'elites' and lefties protesting, we must presume guilt before investigation.

Hodges' is a fool, the law applies equally to.all except if ur Dan's mate Classic Dom ' The Polecat' Cummings.

Credit to the guy for handing himself in, but let's hope his little stint in prison, wakes some braincells up.

The Toffee (597) said...

A fucking amoeba's capable of outwitting 'womblonk' hodges.

Don't stoop to using any wails from weaselly screeching. He's every bit as massive a cunt as hodges.

Jonathan said...

Imagine if this was a BLM or worse still a Corbynista, Dan would be calling for a life sentence and Tory re-education camp..
Hodges is a hypocrite and an apologist for his Far right chums. He knows full will that the Far right we're shouting 'Boris, Boris' ..