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Monday 22 June 2020

Farage Pal Says China Emptied The Car Park

After Combover Crybaby Donald Trump’s election rallies restarted with a gathering in Tulsa, OK, where he addressed an auditorium that was around one-third full, with the expected massive overspill outside in the car park failing to materialise, the post-mortems began. Trump’s team blamed his campaign manager. His campaign manager blamed “radical protesters”. Everyone else just sat back and laughed at them.
One person not laughing this morning, having travelled from the UK only to find his audience had not materialised, is Brexit Party Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, and his mood was matched yesterday by that of his former chief of staff Raheem “Call me Ray” Kassam, who considered the situation and decided It Was China Wot Done It.
Sadly for Kassam, his cause was undermined by his ability to talk well, but lie badly, as demonstrated when he claimed “The terrorist in an attack that killed 3 in the UK yesterday is a 25-year-old Libyan asylum seeker. Three more are seriously injured”. Khairi Saadallah is not an asylum seeker. Having established the level of honesty on view, on to the rally.
Trump rally vs Biden rally this week. But watch which one the media says was under attended”. The meeting hosted by Joe Biden was properly socially distanced, and those attending did so remotely. Then Kassam lost it completely. “The ones at Biden’s little meeting probably aren’t even US citizens”. Raheem Kassam is not a US citizen.
But all of that was a mere hors d’oeuvres for a much more pungent entrée, as Kassam stoked anti-China paranoia. “Democrat AOC, CNN’s Brian Stelter Gloat About China-Controlled ‘TikTok’ App DisInfo Campaign Against Trump Rally”. TikTok may be a Chinese company, but the idea that the Beijing régime ordered the campaign that saw tens of thousands of tickets for the Trump rally reserved by people not attending is bunk.
It might assuage his pal Farage’s feelings, though. Still, on he ploughed, sniping at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez “Tik Tok is a Chinese Communist Party controlled platform and you’re bragging about an effort to undermine a US election on there?” There was no attempt to undermine a US election. Trump was trolled by teenagers. In the USA. “Cute that you suddenly don’t think there’s such a thing as bots” whined Kassam. Wrongly.
Would Sir like to whine a little more? Sir certainly would. “What Dems did last night - between TikTok foreign collusion and mob voter suppression - are the two things they pretend Trump has been doing for years. Now we know why they projected so hard. Not coz of what they did in the past but what they were planning to do in the future”.
There was no foreign collusion, no voter suppression. What there was, though, was something that will hurt the Trump campaign a lot more: the data that all those event registrations brings in, that gets used to extract money from easily led Trump voters, was absent. In its place were false phone numbers and dead email addresses.
As Claire Ryan has explained (see thread HERE), having to junk last weekend’s dataset is the difference between a profitable rally - and a big-money loser. And if Trump loses money, there won’t be any meal tickets and bar tabs for Nigel Farage.

No wonder Nige’s pals are so unhappy. And they can do nothing about it.
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Unknown said...

The Tulsa rally and the pitiful response from the usual suspects have been a rare beacon of light in the current morass. Await the inevitable response from your regular Gammononymous for a bit more light relief.

grim northerner said...

Pre-social media, I was unaware of the extent to which large chunks of humanity are ready and willing to enrich and embrace demagogues and snakeoil merchants if their wares are racist flavoured. It is a deeply depressing revelation.

AndyC said...

It would appear that another reason for the pathetic turn-out could be a tweet a few days before the event by one of Trump's offspring, not sure if it was Uday or Qusay, which directed attendees to Tulas, Oklahoma. Trump supporters, being generally of an unenquiring mind, are probably still driving round the Sooner State looking for the place. Some may even now be on their way to the town on the west coast of India, 200 km south of Mumbai.