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Thursday 4 June 2020

Nadine Dorries’ Mad Hypocrisy

Just to make sure everyone knows that she is a minister with special responsibility for mental health, Mid-Bedfordshire’s Parliamentary representative (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries has been atop her soapbox lecturing anyone not yet asleep on their inappropriate use of language. Her main problem with this latest wheeze is that her own loose use of the Queen’s English is all over her social media history, and all too easily locatable.
As the Minister for Mental Health, could you please avoid wherever possible calling people ‘completely mad’ [Piers Morgan]. It really doesn’t help” she chided the co-host of ITV’s breakfast offering Good Morning Britain. Yeah, don’t call mad on people, right? I mean, Ms Dorries wouldn’t be doing any of that, would she?
Er, maybe she would. Aaaaaand … away we go. “OMG you are obviously mad! blocked … You.Are.Mad. … I think I need to embrace this mad thing - so many opportunities … Democrats were mad to attack stay at home mum Ann Romney who raised five boys - and every other American mother who has made the same choice”. And there’s more.
Today is the start of summer recess. MPs who keep political tweeting throughout this period, go slowly mad … I thought was going mad there … Arrived in Heathrow to scores of Paps - has the world gone mad?” Ah, but that was an inevitability - arriving at Ms Dorries’ ill-advised and never adequately excused I’m A Celebrity appearance.
Worse, this is not the only mental health smear in which the fragrant Nadine has freely indulged in the recent past. Take the B-Word, as in Bonkers. “This is off the planet bonkers … This is bonkers. Who cares how many people apply for #LoveIsland? Of course it’s going to be more [says I’m A Celeb ex] … This article was bonkers! … Twitter chatter of a General Election is febrile bonkers. It really isn’t going to happen for another 4 1/2 years”.
That last one didn’t age well, did it? So could it get worse? Anything that was so bad that Ms Dorries had second thoughts and deleted it after the event? With a screen shot for every occasion, Steve Peers had not only today’s rebuke, but a now-deleted example from 2017 which simply read “Window lickin’ Twitter trolls out in force today!” Ri-i-i-ight.
Worse still is her use of the I-Word, as in Insane: “Well done Vicky! taking on insane EU legislation … That's an insane thing to say - I have NEVER wanted to do that … insane - I've done it loads of times … It is insane and I cannot understand why the media aren't exposing this … on a 14% turnout insane to blame me for a 3000+ plus loss … it would be insane to waste resources like that on a seat like mine”. Still, there is one saving grace.
At least Ms Dorries hasn’t used the B-Word … oh, hang on a minute, yes she has. “MPs who challenged IMF assertions were castigated and presented as barking by [BBC News] and MSM”. But she’s still more than ready to lay into Piers Morgan because he’s making a deluded populist leader and his followers look bad. Or maybe two deluded populists.

Nadine Dorries, the gift that keeps on giving. But not to her own party.
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Jonathan said...

The very worst Tory MP you could make as Minister for Mental Health, rude, obnoxious, gaslighting and tweets all about self...
Not that Nadine needs the publicity, with her colourful personal life ..

AndyC said...

Shouldnt her original Tweet to Morgan have started 'Speaking as the Minister...'? After all she holds that position, not Piers. Add lack of grasp of basic grammar to the charge sheet.

Anonymous said...

Hold on, are you saying we can't use the ancient word mad to mean silly, stupid, unreasonable, enraged or angry so has not to offend people who haven't got the mental ability to take offence? You are as mad as a bunch of frogs, just another lazy excuse to attack the fragrant lady. PC gone mad, in fact it makes me hopping mad. Sorry must go, mad dash for bus, could we use crazy instead like they do in be US of A?

N said...

"Window licking" Ah, so she dabbles in anti-autism bigotry too, huh. Im not surprised.

Anonymous said...

I reckon Dorries is as mad as a box of sex-starved frogs.

Jonathan said...

Once came across her books in our local Oxfam Bookshop, was like reading Call the Midwife except with Midwife crossed out and replaced with the word 'Nurse'...

Those poor outback animals still suffering PTSD after Nadine's fragrant performance on I'm a Celeb..where the public voted to make Nadine do endless bushtucker trials

N said...

In English next time, perhaps, cretin?

Jonathan said...

Nadine just been promoted to Culture Secretary. The talent pool in the Tory Party is extremely shallow!