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Wednesday 17 June 2020

New Blue Passports AREN’T

They were promised blue passports. For some, blue passports made them come over all faux patriotic and vote Leave. And now blue passports, no longer identifying the UK as an EU member state, have begun to arrive on citizens’ doorsteps. But there is a problem. The citizenry is unhappy. The increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph had more.

'Not even remotely blue': Britons take to social media in anger on arrival of new UK passports”. Do go on. “Those who have applied for a new passport in recent weeks are beginning to receive the blue version of the document promised off the back of Brexit … Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Leader of the Commons, once described the return of the blue passport as the ‘cherry on the icing’ of Brexit, while Home Secretary Priti Patel said adopting the design would mean passports were ‘once again entwined with our national identity’ when it was announced the new passports would enter circulation this year”.
What most of us have now

Yes? Yes yes? Yes yes yes? The Daily Brexit, still called the Express, had bad news. “Britons furious with new blue Brexit passport blast it a ‘disappointment’ … as more and more people start to receive the blue document, many are voicing their 'disappointment' with the passport. For some, a big problem is with the colour of the booklet. ‘New passport arrived this morning, had almost forgotten about the completely pointless change in colour,’ tweeted one Briton”. But it was blue. They wanted it to be blue.
Yes, the old ones WERE black

Maybe not so blue. “‘By the way it is definitely black and not even remotely blue’ … ‘The new passport is not blue,’ another posted along with a photo of a black-looking passport. ‘It’s completely the wrong colour,’ an Instagram user agreed … ‘Even the cover text isn’t central, paper lower quality, design ultra-bland, paper cheaper’ Another said: ‘The passport is black (not even blue?!), really poor quality, flimsy and thin, and the edges are peeling’”.
Looking on from a safe distance, Mike Galsworthy saw the Express story and mused “An analogy for Brexit on so many levels”. As to the colour of the passport, Kim Willsher, foreign correspondent for both the Guardian and Observer, responded “Hate to say: ‘Told you so’. The old passports were black, not blue”. Indeed they were.
Former Labour MP and Europe minister Denis MacShane was not surprised. “Daily Express, bless, outraged at poor quality of new British passport, which turns out to be black not blue. Is there anything Johnson touches that doesn't go wrong?” Maybe many Brexit backers didn’t get their first passport before the late 1980s.
Mike Holden hinted at disappointments still to come: “Brexiters putting the country through all this & not even getting a blue passport is hilarious. If you didn't laugh you'd cry”. As did the Tweeter known as Brexit Bin: “So Leavers got what they wanted, but don't like it because it's not the same as they thought they were promised. ... Welcome to [the] wonderful world of Brexit”. Just wait till they get more unemployment and higher prices.
Also, the inept Government they voted in last December has fouled up the Coronavirus response so badly that Brits can’t go abroad anyway. Will the penny start to drop now?

Welcome to the world of Brexiteer buyer’s remorse. You won - get over it.
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grim northerner said...

Black passports matter?

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Shoddy Botched and built down to a price. Quelle sur-bloody-prise.

Anonymous said...

See also: 'hunting pinks' and 'Stroudley's Improved Engine Green'.

AndyC said...

There aren't many reason to be cheerful these days, so we must be grateful whenever an opportunity to rub Brexiters noses in it comes along. Of course next year, as it dawns on them what an absolute omnishambles they have created, we are going to be overwhelmed with opportunities. It will almost make the food queues, civil disturbances, national embarrassment, international isolation, break up of the Union, etc. in some small way less frightful.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Sorry, there'd have to be their mass self-immolation / hara-kiri in Parliament Sq to lighten my current mood.

Petty France said...

The new passports are Navy coloured.
That's Russian Navy not British Navy.

Anonymous said...

"Just wait till they get more unemployment and higher prices"

The blame for this will be entirely pinned on coronavirus. And unpatriotic people.

Anonymous said...

"The blame for this will be entirely pinned on coronavirus. And unpatriotic people."

And foreigners. And lefties. And the EU.

Anonymous said...

No the old passports were not black, better go to specsavers. My old one is clearly dark blue . .. ... anyhow maroon sucks, a union jack on them would be better.

Unknown said...

British Racing Green (now literally any green darker than grass)

I've been waiting for someone else to notice that the old "blue" passports were black. I still have mine so it was easy to verify.

Anonymous said...

Those self-hating their own country have an easy solution, piss off to Europe. But notice how they are only swimming one way in the channel, France must be a god awful place!

Anonymous said...

It must be terribly hard on Brexiters to realise they've been had for comical mugs.

Future events will emphasise just how much. At which point the present level of social and moral imbecility will look like the Enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

"Those self-hating their own country ..."

I didn't know the Conservative Party was a country. Neither did I know I am in fact the Conservative Party. Which I suppose I must be if I am "self-hating". Still, it was nice of Anonymous at 17:14 to demonstrate the veracity of the point made by Anonymous at 12:59.

grim northerner said...

We can't anymore...

Merde avec frontières said...

French citizens swimming to England?

There's a big difference between hating a country and criticising the people in charge of a country.

Anonymous said...

My Dad's old British passport certainly was black and not navy blue. Maybe some were. Personally, I don't give a crap what colour they are.

N said...

Or, you could piss off back to your cave. Which would be better.

You hate your country and everyone in it Anonymous. No need to project onto everyone else.

Enjoy your 'blue' passport, Brexiter!

Anonymous said...

No true patriot aka Brexiter would have a passport of any colour, he is not going to visit Johnny foreigner. Interestingly there is one EU country you can visit passportless, I did it last year on my bus pass!

Anonymous said...

I have got to the bottom of this. It would appear that some peoples' vision cannot distinguish very dark (navy) blue from black. A number of people thought Arsenal played in a black kit last night when in fact only the shorts were black. To quote official Home Office sources
“Since its introduction in 1921, there have been a few variants of that navy blue colour but it has never been black, as some commentators have suggested.”
My 1977 passport is clearly navy blue.

Now what colour is Blackberry Black, invented in Crewe?