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Tuesday 16 June 2020

RW Protester Killed In London? FAKE NEWS

Some of those reporting on last Saturday’s events in central London, when a significant number of far-right “protesters”, many of them in an advanced state of alcoholic derangement, fought with the Police, attacked photographers and journalists, and violently assaulted other bystanders, were doing just that - reporting. Others, however, were propagandising. One of them will be familiar to Zelo Street readers.
No, please, don't laugh

Looking in from somewhere in the Washington, DC area - in other words, from thousands of miles away - was Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam, no longer at the convocation of the irredeemably batshit otherwise known as Breitbart, but still peddling disinformation at The National Pulse. Ray wasn’t there, but he knew all about it.
He knew because he followed far-right sites like Politicalite, using their video and commenting “British protesters chanting ‘Where the f**k were you last week!?’ to police who have suddenly rolled up for patriot counter protesters but who were absent when Communists were defacing Churchill statue etc”. THE GODDAM COMMIES DID IT!
This level of bigotry and ignorance was then maintained as he claimed “AntiFa mob [no citation, he just made that up] attack right wing protester. Police intervene. Police arrest right wingers?”. He doesn’t know. But knowledge, for Kassam, is not always necessary. More important that he blames the Rotten Lefties™ and holds to his agenda.
So it was that he then told “A Black Lives Matter U.K. demonstrator appears to have stabbed a patriotic counter-protester in the neck”. Patriotic. Yeah, right. But what’s this stabbing story? He made that up, too. And on he went. “AntiFa attack another pro Churchill protester in London. U.K. media not showing these pictures”.
After Callum Cant observed “Far-right blue ticks have successfully conned their base into thinking one of their own was murdered on Saturday. Alongside the fantasy 'threat' to war memorials, their mobilising narrative is becoming completely detached from reality”, Aaron Bastani asked “How does someone, like [Raheem Kassam], get to spread mistruths like this without any consequences [Twitter]?” Because there was no story.
Even those who slavishly follow the likes of Stephen Yaxley Lennon admitted that, when they saw the footage from another angle, it was clear that there had been no stabbing. But the story had been put out there: as one anti-fascist Tweeter put it, “The same man who sent round fake news about stabbings and a ‘patriot’ having his throat cut, then retracted”.
Raheem Kassam, on the other hand, did not retract. After all, he only said “appears to have stabbed” and didn’t say “murdered”. Trouble is, the far right takes its cue from the likes of Kassam, and sees his validation of the story as making it true.
Maybe Ray could make better use of his time trying to frighten his Stateside followers into believing that the Chinese Communist Party is coming to get them all.

But he’s useless at that, too. Some habits take a lot of kicking.
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Bwana Mrefu said...

This accusation is still being tweeted around by lots of suspicious accounts with Union Jacks and profiles that say they love FREEDOM, BREXIT, animals (if they are Female) or [insert football team here] if they are male. You'd think they'd realize that, if this incident really had happened, it would immediately make the cover every tabloid of "Our Great Country." Or maybe they don't care about truth, eh?

grim northerner said...

Not everyone who voted leave was a poorly educated far right thug, but every poorly educa............

Jonathan said...

The Great man speaks, he's been very quiet recently, Trump and Bozza caught flat footed over Coronavirus, the great unpatriotic Bozza army caught assaulting police ...
Times are hard for the Far right propagandaists.