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Monday 29 June 2020

Nigel Farage - There’s REAL Anti-Semitism

The real anti-Semitism has always come from out there on the right. And to prove that it still does come from out there on the right, the Board of Deputies of British Jews has at long last diverted its attention away from kicking the Labour Party long enough to see just that, and to call out one particular dog-whistler for what he is.
To no surprise at all, the target of the BoD’s displeasure is Brexit Party Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, who has been allowed to peddle a broad swath of racism - any minority will do for Nige - for far too long, aided and abetted by the broadcasters and newspapers all too happy to indulge his Motormouth tendencies.
As the Guardian has reported, “The Board of Deputies of British Jews said Farage’s airing of claims about plots to undermine national governments, and his references to Goldman Sachs and the financier George Soros, showed he was seeking to ‘trade in dog whistles’ … [he] was also condemned by the MPs who co-chair the all-party group against antisemitism”. So what kinds of dog whistles are we talking about?
In a tweeted video message this month, Farage said the UK faced ‘cultural Marxism’ [origins in Nazi ideology] … said companies who pulled TV adverts from rightwing TV shows were being pressured by ‘Soros-funded organisations] [trope of the ‘Disloyal Jew’]”. Then came his interview recently with Newsweek magazine.
Here, “Farage talked about ‘unelected globalists shaping the public’s lives based on secret recommendations from the big banks’ [‘Globalists’ being code for ‘Jews’ or ‘Jewish bankers’] … Goldman Sachs was the only bank he mentioned by name, echoing another common theme from far-right antisemitism”. Whistle those doggies!
But is that right? Sure is. Let’s take a quick sample, starting with his Soros obsession. “Orbán's Hungary is standing up to George Soros and closing him down, I wish we all did the same … Another anti-Brexit plot backed by George Soros. This man will stop at nothing … The Soros-funded attempt for a second referendum has failed”.
And on to Globalists. “London is ranked the best financial centre while Frankfurt is 11th. We're all sick of the constant threats from Goldman and the globalists … We are heading towards a world where the democratic nation state has made a comeback against the globalists … We are beating the globalists! … Obama and Merkel are holding a losing party for the globalists! … The globalists are sticking together”.
Finally Goldman Sachs. “Goldman Sachs and big business lost the referendum … Congratulations to former EU Commission President [José Manuel Barroso], now over at Goldman Sachs. Global corporatism! … If Goldman Sachs are leaving London for the US, why aren't they going to their beloved European Union? … Goldman Sachs Chairman thinks those who want border controls are 'xenophobic'. Badly out of touch”.
Also note that those snippets include Farage being promoted by the Daily Mail, Sky News, and the BBC. By promoting him thus, they are also promoting anti-Semitism.

Serious anti-Semitism always comes from the far right. Nigel Farage is living proof of that.
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Anonymous said...

What absolute garbage, to be against the globalists is anti-Semitism? The left is for the globalists? I will just consult my Marx.

Anonymous said...

Find it darkly ironic that while the entire British establishment went into a panic about Corbyn and antisemitism they were remarkably quiet about various right-wingers and their behaviour.

Proper British patriotic lad Nigel Farage popped up on creepy white nationalist podcast Red Ice radio years ago and ... no one ever mentions it (Red Ice loves him, BTW). Recall Daniel Hannan was also pretty popular with our racist chums.

One would imagine that journalists concerned about antisemitism might bother to investigate the explosion in far-right conspiracy theories starting around 2012 and how these mutated into, well, our current politics. They might also take some time to study where the funding is coming from and how rubbish podcasts with a tiny audience suddenly became flush with money & resources.

Nope. Can't be bothered. Too hard. It's not like hard-right nationalism mixed with whacky conspiracy theories and an obsession with occultism has ever devolved into antisemitis- oh.

Note to anon at 4:50. The problem isn't criticism of globalism, its that these characters always seem to criticise the same few famous Jewish faces. There's a lot of billionaires out there (of all different ethnic/religious origins) doing shady things but the media and ultra-conservative types rarely mention them.

Rosie said...

It is the conflation of Goldman Sachs with Globalists as a derogatory remark that is meant by Farage,and that is the dog whistle anti Semitic remark Anonymous. It is one that if a member of the Labour Party had said it, would have resulted from immediate expulsion from the Party now Sam Matthews no longer works for it, and Ruth Smeeth would have been invited on to the BBC and Sky to do her naming and shaming. But she wasn't invited and didn't as she did so often against Corbyn.

Anonymous said...

@16.50 ... your Marx for that solicitous load of old twaddle 0/10 .... do try harder

Anonymous said...

And Farage has just conflated with Starmer on BLM.

Oh very very fucking dear.

Anonymous said...

Both here and in the USA the left are getting into bed with the global elite to try and unseat democratically elected governments because they cannot win elections. What would Lenin have said? Globalists are using financial muscle to try to silence the free thinking right but are the global elite dancing to the left's tune or vice versa, whatever we all know who will be calling in the end!

Is this your worker's paradise!

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Your usual burbling Drivel - Boring.

Derek said...

Dear Anonymous @ 19:57 ,
What is the ‘left’ you are referring to , is it the DNC in the USA which I don’t think has left wing policies . Is it the ‘left’ here in the UK where time will tell , but if the current Labour party in reality is once again a Blairite ‘tinge’ , then I don’t believe that they have left wing policies either . IMO the reason is the ‘left’ as you put it keep losing elections is that the DNC and Labour party have followed failed neo-Liberal policies and continue to support the Israeli , zionist , racist apartheid state . Despite the betrayal of Corbyn by Blairists in 2017 and 2019 they still managed to poll 32% electoral support and with a unified party behind him , there’s a good chance that and with genuine left wing policies he might have won both elections he contested .

Chris jf said...

@19.57 no wonder your anonymous. How embarrassing to be spouting that cack.

Anonymous said...

Still rubbish ... still 0/10

Anonymous said...

While here and in the USA, the right are being exposed for what they really are: treasonous puppets of Putin.

Patriots my ass!

grim northerner said...

You shouldn't mock the afflicted, in this case it only encourages the insanity.

Sam said...

Anonymous at 17.14.
So odd that the one billionaire George Soros who is giving away all his money albeit to causes leaning left but also a whole host of other non-political causes that really do aid 1000s in poverty, gets all the flack. I mean he really gets ALL the flack yet those billionaires who are flooding the world with right wingery are simply ignored. We have Rupert Murdoch running a fascist style propaganda US "news" network that decides who is the US president while he finances, along with Gina Rinehart a shadowy right wing Aussie "think tank" called the IPA whose stated aims (for over 20 years) is to disband anything that reeks of aiding the masses- socialized medicine, government funded independent broadcasting, unemployment benefits, aged pensions and so on. Nary a word about them.
And then those weirdo Koch Bros who I was told 20 years ago by a US political reporter was funding so-called "libertarian" outfits and converting them to the extreme right wing as another deceptive way to push politics to the right and while I won't mention names that show my source was spot on, for some reason the names 'Brendan O'Neill' & "Spiked' come to mind.
# As an example of how disastrous these right-wing ratbag Billionaires can be is perfectly exampled by the way Rupert Murdoch berated and lobbied various Australian governments who had a history of lording it over the tiny South Pacific nations in patronizing bully style: that they should just boot the highly respected Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) from the area even though they had decades of boots on the ground and broadcast highly listened to and watched radio and TV broadcasts throughout the Pacific. Murdoch demanded the Govt pay his poxy Sky & Foxtel outfits to do the job and they caved in. But it all fell over after less than 5 years as Murdoch's men were hopelessly out of their league.
The result? China has zoomed in to fill the void throughout the entire South Pacific via funding and buying up local infrastructure and thus, they basically "own" the Pacific and have surrounded Oz. And that's what's so terrifying as exampled by Farage and his supporters and promoters - they are dangerously incompetent.