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Thursday 11 June 2020

Brendan O’Neill’s Shit Has Left The Building

The removal of two statues and the graffiti applied to others has pushed one poor soul over the edge: Brendan O’Neill of Spiked, so called because it should have been long ago, has seen the past week’s events, wibbled incoherently, and gone full hatstand. And just to make sure we know about it, he has committed his meltdown to print. Or maybe pixel.
This has become a neo-Maoist war on the past … The woke elites have launched a Cultural Revolution. They must be stopped”. Aarghh! Jibber! JIBBER!! Out comes the quote generator, chuck in a few very clever words, and out it spews.

But first, let’s deal with Bren’s W-Word. Woke. What does it mean? It doesn’t. It is meaningless, nothing more than an instant strawman which he can wheel out just to show his remaining disciples the ability to duly tear it down. Worse, the idea that last weekend’s protests were anything to do with the “elite” is bunk. Bren is part of the elite himself.

Anyhow … back to the shit-losing spectacular. “Britain is in the throes of a Cultural Revolution. Statues are being tumbled, past art erased, people cancelled”. Someone got cancelled? Is that like in a Bond film, sort of “eliminated”? Sounds scary. But do go on.

Wide-eyed Woke Guards, heirs to Maoist-style intolerance, are compiling lists of monuments to target and individuals to humiliate. They are remorseless. Nothing old that runs counter to their newthink can be tolerated”. No, Bren. Just no. There are no guards, no newthink, no Maoist anything. Someone started a website. Like you did. Chill.

No, he’s not for chilling. “The mob’s toppling of the statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol was the noisiest, most visible victory so far for the new Cultural Revolution. They’ve moved on swiftly. The appetite for erasure seems insatiable”. They’re fans of 80s synth-pop? Andy and Vince will be pleased. And maybe surprised.

Meanwhile, on drones O’Neill. “In an effort to keep the woke wolf from the door, the Museum of London Docklands took down a statue of slave trader Robert Milligan yesterday. The Woke Guards are circulating a list of the next evil bronze and stone entities that must be swept aside. It includes statues of globally significant historical figures”.
Bren, Bren, look, have a sit down and a think. Someone put something on a website. Not really reason to lose it, is it? And why do we have to have statues to remember “globally significant historical figures”? Maybe we really should put some of them in a museum - which is where the now-recovered Colston statue is heading.

He’s still a bit hyper, though. “The fervour for erasure is not limited to statues. Incorrect art and entertainment is expunged, too. Yesterday the BBC and Netflix cast into the memory hole old episodes of Little Britain because they feature white actors occasionally dressing up as black people”. Some “Woke Guards” rocked up at NBH, did they? No they didn’t.

On he wibbles. “They won’t stop there. History is full of film, literature and entertainment with questionable depictions. Light the matches. Indeed, Gone with the Wind has already been taken down by HBO Max because of its depiction of black people. What will be next?” What will be next is that GWTW is restored to HBO Max with an explainer telling prospective viewers about its controversial aspects. But there will be no censorship.

This, though, cannot be admitted as Bren finally goes totally gaga. “Let’s call it what it is. It’s re-education. The Woke Guards might use more flowery language than the Red Guards … But it amounts to the same enforcement of orthodoxy that we have seen in history. It’s time to stand up to this Cultural Revolution”. Yes, he’s finally lost it.

There is no new “Cultural Revolution”. There is no such thing as “Woke Guards”. There is no “Elite” involvement. There is no “Mob”. There are no “Neo-Maoists”. And the only “Intolerance” is coming from the people from whom O’Neill scores his biggest paycheques (defending Nick Ferrari and Melanie Phillips is a dead giveaway).

Brendan O’Neill has now lost his shit totally. Or, put more directly, Nurse - The Screens!
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Andy McDonald said...

2 weeks ago, if you'd mentioned Edward Colston to anyone outside Bristol, you'd likely have got blank stares. This week you've got the likes of Littlejohn, Vine and now O'Neill talking about "the Colston statue" as if it needs no introduction.

Of course, in Bristol, it was the subject of multiple attempts to remove it, or to add a plaque making the man's slave trading known. All of these came to naught, apparently through the involvement of a "shadowy cabal" of the type O'Neill hates. Unelected undemocratic elitists indeed!

Onto "Woke". Or as some like to say, "showing empathy". But the word woke comes from African-American slang, so it's easy to highlight and ridicule. We're back to David Starkey fretting over the "white kids acting black".

I'm not the first person to say this, but what we're seeing is the establishment panicking over their innate superiority, their assured place at the top table (or daytime TV couch) being threatened. The idea that the best people at articulating the views of the voiceless (in terms of media representation) might just be the voiceless themselves.

Anonymous said...

Few things are funnier than that urfascist cunt O'Neill trying on a straitjacket front-to-back.

Except maybe the sight of a lonely Farage on a deserted beach scanning an empty horizon.

Put them together and it's like Himmler and Bormann doing a Morris dance while waving a tattered Union flag.

Anonymous said...

Not to deflect from the necessity of the task in hand, but it does seem to me that all this statue stuff is a bit of a dead cat to away from johnsons 30k unnecessary death cull ... just saying ....

Citizen of Gammonstan said...

I think statues are a bit of a distraction. Deal with racists of the present, not the past.

grim northerner said...

Those old teafal adverts must still haunt him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they probably do but Mr O'NEILL is no genius. I'd forgotten about those add but you are on to something Citizen. Spot on.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame we're not actually in the middle of a Cultural Revolution. Otherwise we could banish Brendan to a rural commune for five years.

Anonymous said...

I see this weekend it is the anarchists hiding behind the BLM banner who have run away from the fight!

Free Churchill!

James said...

With this we have the proof that Mr O Neil is essentially the British equivalent of Alex Jones !

grim northerner said...

Missed your meds again mate?

Anonymous said...

Brendan is a true cunt. A cowardly anus and a drain on oxygen.