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Wednesday 17 June 2020

Grimes Sells Coal - Who’s Paying?

After his supposed departure from the IEA, and a reduction in the number of broadcast punditry opportunities coming his way, terminally inept form filler Darren Grimes rocked up at a supposedly new venture called Reasoned UK. Except, as Private Eye magazine pointed out, it wasn’t a new venture. Now Dazza has penned a column for Conservative Home which appears to add a new string to his bow - coal salesman.
Admitting briefly that no coal had been used for grid electricity generation in the UK for more than two months now, and pausing only to stress that it was the hated BBC that had brought that news (nudge nudge, wink wink Beeb bashers), Grimes then told his readers “‘Why would you burn coal?’ the BBC presenter claimed, when ‘you can get electricity from these’ – and the shot changing to panoramic film of wind turbines”. Go on.

However, a quick rewind to a list displayed in the previous interview at the National Grid reveals that wind actually powered a paltry 1.7 per cent of our grid, with almost 80 per cent coming from gas and nuclear power”. It is true that wind generation is, by its very nature, variable - but using a snapshot where it was well below average is deeply dishonest. That’s why Dazza hasn’t put a citation in there. But back to his sales pitch.

The UK has gone two months without coal in the energy mix all, and both Labour and the Conservatives are jubilant. So why, Darren, you might ask, why are you about to argue that we still need it?” Do get on with it, I’ve got lunch to prepare. “Coal use in UK electricity generation will come to an end by 2024 - that’s set in law. This is achievable because of practical, lower emission alternatives that can be deployed at the necessary scale, such as gas and nuclear, and not the BBC’s hot air about wind”. Kick the rotten Beeb!
Matt Ridley - climate change denier and coal fan

They’ve not given you any punditry opportunities, have they, Daz? But carry on. “However, this doesn’t tell us the full story … While it is true that coal will soon no longer be part of our electricity generation, it still makes general, economic and environmental sense to obtain the coal needed for a range of crucial industrial needs by mining it here at home”.
Then he gets to the USP. “Surface mining is a much cleaner and safer operation to extract the coal that we still need. It’s a process that’s complete with restoration and regeneration projects, represents a boost for the local economy … That’s why I am incensed by moves that would see these high-skill, high-wage jobs in extracting that coal that we need here at home, exported elsewhere - especially when it’s to the likes of Russia”. Boo Russia!
Who benefits? “Banks Mining”. Who they? Miles King had a look: "Brexit fanboy and culture war cub scout Darren Grimes, now writes for the Coal Industry. Banks Group just happen to be very close to err Viscount Ridley … Banks Group have extracted millions of tonnes of Coal from Ridley's land”. Over to Ridley’s Twitter feed.

And look what he just Retweeted: Reasoned UK plugging Grimes’ ConHome article. So, Dazza, what suddenly made you a fanboy of mining coal in the UK? No pressure.

Darren Grimes may not be lobbying for coal. But you can see it from there.
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Anonymous said...

I wonder how much those polluting monstrosities run on so-called 'heritage railways' use? Britain; always looking backward, never forward.

Anonymous said...

they're not even bothering to cover their tracks.

grim northerner said...

He's always been a bit N.U.M.

Anonymous said...

there's an element of intergenerational forelock-tugging here too.

Grimes grew up in Steel Town Consett.

Ridley's grandfather was chairman of Consett Iron Works.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

What a noxious little rodent Grimes is. As for Ridley, you'd imagine that his tenure @ Northern Rock had never happened.

Unknown said...

And between them and the bankses I get 10 fifty tonne wagons of coal passing my house by road every day thanks to the pont open cast mine.

Progress, eh? As long as the money keeps flowing.

Anonymous said...

There is a central fact about ineffable twerp master Grimes.

Whenever he opens his mouth on any subject you can guarantee he knows absolutely fuck all about it.

Bwana Mrefu said...

I saw something like this coming. Ridley has previously tweeted about the "young Northern Lad" who was "bullied by the Electoral Commission."

What I find laughable about the good Viscount is he presents himself as an anti-Big-Government innovation campaigner. Yet, he was quick to accept a £20B public bail out during the Northern Rock debacle. He is also very mouthy in vociferous criticism of innovative renewable energy sources and still thinks the dirtiest fossil fuel has a role in the UK's energy landscape. By an amazing coincidence he has a Coal mine on his estate. Could these facts be connected, perhaps?

Nick63 said...

Do we think Dazza actually wrote this? He's not that well informed or that articulate.

This was almost certainly written for him - probably by whatever corporate spinners Banks Group employs - with his name on the byline only for 'authenticity'.

Anonymous said...

Coal, steam engines, what's not to like . .. ...

Anonymous said...

Ask the planet.

Anonymous said...

It thinks they are civilised andwonderful, better than the infernal internal combustion engine that blights the planet.

Anonymous said...

Well I've never seen Darren and Arthur Scargill in the same room