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Saturday 6 June 2020

Lennon Loses His Instruments

The Coronavirus R-Number, the reinfection rate for Covid-19, is, we are told, heading back up in North-West England. It may even have gone back above the all-important 1.0 level. This might not have been helped by one individual, along with his pals, who broke the lockdown rules and travelled more than 200 miles away from his home turf recently to stick his bugle into a campaign which did not require his assistance.
To no surprise at all, this was the latest publicity-seeking campaign of one Stephen Yaxley Lennon, still trying to remain relevant at a time when many of those who have rallied to his standard in the past have more pressing concerns. As ever, and demonstrating that no man is of perfect courage, Lennon did not travel alone. He was also accompanied in his car by a variety of electronic equipment - phones, camera, that sort of thing.

Then he got himself arrested, a skill which he has, over the years, honed to perfection. Cumbria Police - he was apprehended in the Barrow-in-Furness area after another of those alleged violent assaults for which he has become, as the late Russell Harty might have said, “famous, nay, notorious” - remanded him in custody overnight. But now he’s back home, somewhere in the home counties. So what’s his explanation?
OK, I’ve just walked in my door. Cumbria Police tried to [remand] me, they got an extension on 24 hours, but the CPS refused to charge [yet?], I’m on bail for multiple offences with ridiculous bail conditions [meaning restrictions on him travelling]. I’ll give you all a full update when I put a video together. Thank you to Saffer, Golding, Mike & Mark for arranging my transport home”. He had to have transport home arranged.

So you know what comes next. “Police have seized my car, phone, cameras etc”. Wha-hey! At last, the action that so many of Lennon’s targets over the years had wished might one day happen … has happened. And just to put the icing on the cake, “they added perverting the course of justice to my charges”. Looks like the cops took a dim view.
The Police only need to achieve one thing: to get into Lennon’s phone(s). If they can manage that, the amount of contact detail could be huge. It may include where he got all that information on where his targets lived, as well as letting the law know if the rumours about his relationship with Charlie are correct, and if so, leading those cops straight to whoever does the supplying. And then there is his camera.

Still and video images will tell the Police who he’s been filming, where and when. And any paper records may also be suitably incriminating. Those of us who have had visits from The Great Man can, if the cops get into his electronics, expect them to be in touch soon.
Yet Lennon is already excusing his trip to the North-West, claiming that someone spat at him: “there is nothing worse than spitting in someone’s face. least of all in the middle of a world wide pandemic of a virus, a totally deplorable act”. Yeah, right.

Driving 200 miles away from your own manor just on the off-chance of scoring some self-publicity, though, is fine for him. Self-awareness never was Lennon’s strong suit.

All this and the lawsuits racking up too. Stephen Lennon truly lives in interesting times.
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grim northerner said...

Has he mastered walking backwards yet?

Anonymous said...

He is another idiot who has jumped on the David Icke bandwagon, believing the pandemic to be a fake.
So no surprise he has utter contempt for the lockdown rules.

Anonymous said...

Just to add, TR had previously claimed the virus to be a fake on his TR News website.
See now how he resorts to using the virus as an excuse to clobber someone? But seeing how he broke lockdown rules, that excuse isn't gonna stick!
Pathetic man!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile thousands of at risk BAME individuals are breaking lockdown in London. The live feed makes for very disturbing viewing.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 17:37, lets hope at least all the participants themselves are local and have not travelled across the country to join the protest, in contrast to the behaviour of certain other people!

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Poor Tom, that eats the swimming frog, the toad, the todpole,
the wall-newt and the water; that in the fury of his heart, when
the foul fiend rages, eats cow-dung for sallets, swallows the 1925
old rat and the ditch-dog, drinks the green mantle of the
standing pool; who is whipp'd from tithing to tithing, and
stock-punish'd and imprison'd; who hath had three suits to his
back, six shirts to his body, horse to ride, and weapons to
wear; 1930
But mice and rats, and such small deer,
Have been Tom's food for seven long year

Anonymous said...

Surprised the stupid fascist gett is still on the loose.

The sooner he's banged up for a ten stretch the better for everybody.

Jonathan said...

Won't be hard for the police to crack open Tommy's phone with or without passwords.

Question is why hasn't Tommy ever had to attend some rehab programme that makes him challenge his offending behaviour?

Spherically said...

Although I understand your antagonism to TR (especially given his attempts at intimidating critics at their homes), and your particular interest in police finding his source of personal information, I do find your glee at the prospect of police using his phone to access contact tracing data troublesome, to say the least.

This data should only be used for the purposes of public health; to use it for law enforcement sets an appalling precedent, and I'm surprised that you look on it so favourably - even in this case!

Anonymous said...

Spherically you are correct. However you must realise the "progressive liberal" left use 1984 as a playbook. They want and need total control over our lives, they will enforce the law!

grim northerner said...

The police are 'the progressive left' now?

grim northerner said...

It's probably a request from his special branch handler.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous as 12:25 really is a stupid soul isn't he? The police? Left?

Robinson is a grifter.

Anonymous said...

My word are you lefties thick if you think the police are on the right, no one is -don't ya kno there is only the far right. The fuzz has been completely taken over by graduates that far right institution Common Purpose.

The fragrant Cressida told her stormtroopers to lay into protesters illegally breaking lockdown yesterday so to clear the streets for normal business, protect same and prevent rioting NOT! I suppose rozzers will not be considered of the left until they actively storm the gates of Downing Street instead of merely passively allowing illegal gatherings, abuse and threats of violence there as l saw on the live feed yesterday.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Anonymous @12.25 You are Jacob Rees-Mogg and I claim my 5 groats !

Anonymous said...

He's probably Danny Tommo finally done with moaning about how Owen Jones wasn't actually assaulted

N said...

Anonymous 16:55. Its best not to call others thick when your punctuation is so atrocious.

By the way, its you far right lunatics who use Big Brother and Ingsoc as your inspiration. Your hero Trump has innocents battered when they express free speech. Your life's work, and Tommy's own, will end up completely worthless.

And Orwell was a socialist.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the BLM protests have really rattled his cage and the moron is now threatening a counter-demo!
His latest rant video shows what a true racist piece of sub-human trash he really is.

Anonymous said...

its ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Tommy's lost his shizzle.