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Tuesday 9 June 2020


Oh, the irony: student James Yucel has launched his campaign “Defund The BBC”, telling anyone prepared to listen that one of the Corporation’s greatest failings was that it did not tell viewers and listeners the political affiliations of its guests - only to then go on the likes of TalkRADIO and manage, er, not to tell the deeply unpleasant Dan Wootton of his own political affiliation. Which is highly relevant to his current activities.
James Yucel - Not "just a student"

I'm just a student that's fed up” he tells, but we already know that he is the treasurer of Glasgow University Conservative and Unionist Association. And his Tory links don’t stop there, as one Tweeter discovered at the end of last month, when Yucel put out a press release. For his MP, Tom Hunt, from the 2019 intake. Who is also a Tory.
[Tom Hunt MP] Official Statement on Dominic Cummings” he Tweeted. But he’s “just a student that’s fed up”. Why should an MP’s statement come out through him? One who responded to him told “Thanks Tom, I’m glad you’ve not (like many of your colleagues and cabinet ministers) claimed that DC’s explanation was reasonable when it clearly isn’t. (Quick q - who is James Yucel and why is your statement coming out through him?)”.
Well, quite. Meanwhile, another Twitter detective had turned up Yucel’s LinkedIn entry - a must for any pretentious right-wing 18-year-old - where he had boasted of spending three months last year, after completing his “A”-levels, as a “Campaign Officer” for Tom Hunt, who at the time was Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Ipswich - the constituency in which Yucel lives. The entry also revealed that he was working as a Commons intern.
Putting out an official statement on behalf of Tom Hunt, now an MP, while putting on his LinkedIn entry that he was working a a Commons intern? As Private Eye magazine might have put it, “I wonder if the two are in any way connected? I think we should be told”. So the Tweeter who picked up on that Official Statement had another go.
[James Yucel] - are you employed by Tom? Just asking as it’s not clear what your role is, and I’ve not seen any other MPs put their statements on DC out through third parties. Thanks”. To which Yucel duly ‘fessed up. “I am an Intern in Tom's office. My views on here are my own … To find more of Tom's views and work in Ipswich, take a look at his facebook page and website”. It was known last month that he worked for the Tories.
Yet there he was at Westmonster, Free Market Conservatives, the Express, and on TalkRADIO promoted as a mere student. Why did Dan Wootton not introduce him as working for the Tories? Why did the Express not reveal his political affiliation?
James Yucel is complaining that the BBC’s guests don’t reveal their true political affiliation. Yet there he is, er, not revealing his true political affiliation. Calling others out as part of the elite and the establishment, while being just that himself.

Defund The BBC had started. And now it’s finished. BUSTED.
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Anonymous said...

Still a good cause, 57,700 followers in a few days, jealousy.

And in my day the overthrow of the voice of the right wing establishment aka BBC was top of the anarchist's list.

How come it's protection is now a leftist cause.

grim northerner said...

All this subterfuge and chicanery just so the obscenely rich pay less tax. It's almost comical.

Mike D said...

Anything that replaces the BBC will be much, much worse. Or this shadow funded pr*ck wouldn't be advocating for the BBC to be abolished.

Jonathan said...

Many of us on the Left, would love to see the likes of Laura Kuenssberg and co laying their political affiliations bout in the open and working somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

That slack mouth of his doesn't augur well.......

David said...

The Defund The BBC team also includes Rebecca Ryan, whose CV includes Free Market Conservatives (them *again*) and Global Vision. The latter outfit operates out of yup, you guessed it, 55 Tufton Street.